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Donecia Hudson
July 8, 2015
My Successful Goal One of my greatest successes that I’ve every accomplished was, helping my old high school track team win the regions. The obstacle’s I had to overcome for me to help my team get the win was for me to go to practice after physical therapy because my knee was messed up from playing basketball. The reason I say this because I was playing basketball before track season started and I had a bad knee injury just a little bit. So I had to go to physical therapy to help strengthen my knee back to its full health. I also had to work mighty hard on my events which were 1600 meter run and the 800 meter run. The way I practice for these events was by running two laps in the beginning of practice very slowly to maintain things with my knee. Than I did my excises to losing up my body. Next I ran the bleachers to strengthen my leg muscles. Finally I ran my 1600 meter run, took me a two minute break. Then I stated my 800 meter run and I did this frequently until the big day came. As well as going to my physical therapy to make things go smooth before for my big day. When the big day came my teammates and me where a little bit nerves that day to, but we pulled it together. We went out there and did what we had to do to get the win. When it was time for me to run my team was a little cheerful for me as I ran my races that day. Eventually everything that I did helped, we got the win and it paid off in the end.

At least two sentences explaining why your topic sentence is appropriate * My topic sentence is appropriate because I am the assignment ask what is your greatest success. Another reason it is appropriate is that is normally how I would start off my topic sentence.
At least two sentences explaining the purpose of your paragraph and how that affected your writing style * The reason for this paragraph is to inform you…...

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...Goals Essay When planning for my life journey, I have found that setting goals assist me in making successful decisions. It’s especially helpful when I work on succeeding in long term, short term, and lifestyle goals. One of my long term goals is to save up for a trip to New York with my friends. I plan on achieving this goal by first making sure I can have time off from Christmas to New Year’s. Then have enough money to have fun by 12/20/14. Finally the last thing to do is reserve 4 plane seats and 2 hotel rooms. My second long term goal is to build a house the way I want it. My first step would to have the job I need in order to afford the money to make the house. My second step would be having enough money in order to completely build the house. My last step would be to sketch out and pick where the house will be located and how it looks inside and out including every room. My last long term goal would be to save for retirement. I would need to figure out how much I would want to save up. Then I would have to calculate how much hours or years I would have to work in order to save the amount I would need to have saved up in order to survive. Lastly make a BUCKET LIST (: . I also have short term goals. My first short term goal is to get and A in English class all through high school. I need to make sure I turn in all missing and current assignments. Do all my homework. Take lots of notes & do good on tests. My next goal is to graduate high school. I have to......

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