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IP Classes

The class system has become "old" in the ever demanding Internet paradigm, it has been (partially) replaced by CIDR system, which allows more efficient and practical allocation of IP addresses for the need of smaller networks. Nevertheless, it is important to know and understand what class system is and how it works, which has been the backbone of the IP.
IP addresses have been classified into 5 classes and special purpose addresses, depending upon the value in the first octet. Viz- • Class A - This is a class for very large networks, such as IBM which holds IP addresses in the range - - (almost 16,777,216 IP addresses). First Octet - - The first octet is between 1 to 126. (Starts with binary bit - 0). Network Address - The n/w address is denoted by first 8 bits or first octet. Host/Node Address - Host address is denoted by last 24 bits or last 3 octets. This Network-Host IP configuration for class A can be shown as - and each can have 1 to 3 decimals. Thus forming 126 network addresses (27 - 1) and each of them capable of having 16,777,214 (224 -2) host addresses. • Class B - This is a class for medium-sized networks. First Octet - - The first octet is between 128 to 191. (Starts with binary bits - 10). Network Address - The n/w address is denoted by first 16 bits or first 2 octets. Host/Node Address - Host address is denoted by last 16 bits or last 2 octets. This Network-Host IP configuration for class B can be shown as - and each can have 1 to 3 decimals. Thus forming 16,384 network addresses (214) and each of them capable of having 65,534 (216 -2) host addresses. • Class C - This is a class for small-sized networks. First Octet - - The…...

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