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Student-Athletes and Responsibility

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Student-Athletes and Responsibility
Organizations and society often face issues; therefore, ethical judgment can help determine right from wrong. Ethical principles act as a guide when facing ethical dilemmas and can be helpful in making an organizational or personal decision (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). The Responsibility Project created by Liberty Mutual allows those to seek and discuss doing the right thing. My chosen video clip shows a panel consisting of an agent from the National Basketball Association; a former football player from the National Football League, journalists from the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network and the New York Times, and an athletic director discussing responsibility issues in college athletics.
Organizational Issues and Social Pressures The issues in this video clip are in regard to student-athlete performance. The panel of speakers evaluates how student athletes focus more on the sport rather than education. The student athlete faces the ethical dilemma of academics versus athletics. In the video clip a speaker also indicates how the student-athlete does not interact with the student body and is so far removed from the academic experience (Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 2011).
Although there are opportunities to go to college with an athletic scholarship, controversy follows. Another issue is that athletic scholarships pose as a barrier for college athletes to get an education, which is why there is a debate for revising distribution of athletic scholarships (Gerdy, 2006). Academic clustering is administrators grouping student-athletes into a major where they can perform academically at the same level so they can remain eligible for an athletic scholarship (Schneider, Ross, & Fisher, 2010). The student-athlete may receive an athletic scholarship depending on their athletic performance, but it is that student’s…...

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