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Strict Rules About Drinking' May Prevent Alcohol Disorders in Teens.

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Chapter 1 Strict rules about drinking' may prevent alcohol disorders in teens.

Introduction Alcohol is an adult beverage that can be fun and beneficial if used properly. Although If used irresponsible it also can be something that will change your life forever. Whether it Takes away everything you love or possible even cause death to you. I intend to show you The difference between casual drinking and the disease known worldwide as alcoholism. The paper will show you some causes and statistics to why some teens are more susceptible to alcoholism then others. Also, show what effects it can have on a teen’s body. Show different ways in dealing with the problem of alcoholism, and show that it doesvnot matter race, financial situation, or even religion.

The issue of how to prevent drinking in teenagers is critical. One study found that by

The age Of 15, about 34 percentage of boys and 24 percentage of girls drank alcohol on a weekly 4

basis. Other studies have shown drinking at a young age is more likely to set a person up

for a drinking disorder later in life. A study from the Netherlands found that a laid back

attitude from parents can lead to drinking issues in their teens, whereas strict parental

rules about drinking can curb adolescent impulses to drink. Adolescents, with their

partially-matured brains, are more swayed by impulses than rational thoughts, which is

why they’re more likely to engage in reckless behaviour. The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research,

explored the role parents play in affecting the balance between impulse and reasoning.

They found that if parents set strict rules regarding their children’s alcohol use,

adolescents could inhibit their impulses or approach tendencies. This was…...

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