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Strategies to Develop or Enhance Team Performance

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A strong team is critical in a team’s success. In order for a team to be strong it’s important to develop strategies to enhance the team’s performance.

1. It’s important to decide whether the team will have a leader or whether it will work without one.

• Teams without leaders can sometimes be unproductive and uncontrolled; unless someone has the final say, sometimes a decision cannot be agreed upon by the other members of the team.

• Often times there may be several strong personalities in a team and unless a team leader is designated, there may be several people competing for this role and ultimately the team may end up splitting into several different groups within the team.

• A good leader will encourage input from the rest of the team and encourage them to participate in the decision making process.

2. Make sure that everyone is aware of their role and what the team’s ultimate goal is.

• It’s important that everyone have a say in what their role will be and know what is expected of them in that particular role

• Everyone should understand and agree what the team goal is so that this goal can be met successfully and without confusion.

3. Tools to provide success

• Ensure that everyone has the available tools to be successful in their role. This may include things such as a quiet place to do research, internet access, a computer with the adequate programs to compile their information, and so forth.

4. Encourage open and honest communication and feedback

• It’s important for everyone to be honest in their communication because this facilitates trust and respect among the other team members.

• Encouraging feedback allows for everyone to provide honest input so that everyone can be happy with the final product.


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