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Management white paper (Are you sure of your leadership)
Executive Summary

This paper provides managers and leaders with the necessary information to implement a cure for poor organizational performance and its negative workplace politics. The paper addresses the following subject areas: 1. Leadership and Performance; 2. Strategic Alignment; 3. Performance
Diagnoses Checklist; 4. Bad Politics and Performance Risks; 5. Treatment Challenges; 6. Best
Practices for Curing Bad Politics
1. Leadership and Performance

The subject of leadership has been greatly covered by scholars, academicians and consultants, yet building high-performance teams remains elusive to most companies. Leadership is the most important competitive advantage of a company, not technology, finance, operations or anything else. Leadership formulates the company's business strategy and builds its resources, including its people, finances and operations. The leadership team is the most important asset of the company and can be its worst liability. A failed business is the result of poor performance. Poor performance is the result of an incompetent or dysfunctional leadership team. To paraphrase
Tolstoy, All successful companies are successful for different reasons, but dysfunctional companies are dysfunctional in the same way. In my experience, the main reason for poor organizational performance is not the lack of business knowledge, but rather negative internal politics. 2. Performance and Strategic Alignment

Classic management science has defined four management functions: planning, organizing, motivating and controlling. Simply put, sustaining high business performance is a product of strategic alignment. Strategic alignment can be achieved only when all teams across the organization communicate and work closely together. In other words,…...

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