Strategic Integration of Recruitment Practices

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Strategic Integration of Recruitment Practices and Its Impact on Performance in Indian Enterprises
Ashok Chanda, Trapti Bansal & Rupal Chanda
Recruitment and selection is a foundation of human resource management (HRM) practices and its integration to business is critical to achieve organisational strategic goals. However, little research has to date examined strategic integration in this specific human resource (HR) practice, and, therefore, little is known about the level and application of recruitment and selection strategic integration a situation that warrants greater investment due to the economic growth in India in a corresponding expansion of Indian enterprises. Consequently, this study investigates the level at which recruitment and selection practices integrate with business strategies and the relative effects of different levels of such strategic integration on organisational performance in 259 Indian enterprises. The results show the majority of Indian enterprises had a high level of recruitment and selection strategic integration in business strategy formulation and implementation. Moreover, the level of recruitment and selection strategic integration was positively related to growth in market share, profits and sales, employees’ satisfaction, employees’ productivity, and negatively related to employees’ turnover. The implications for HRM practitioners and further research are discussed.
Recruitment and selection is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications. Following the initial selection of incumbents they are likely to again be chosen to develop their further interest in the organisation and later to encourage them to apply for other jobs. Using appropriate techniques the suitable candidates are thus, able to be recruited and selected during their…...

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