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Stock market crash in Bangladesh in 2010-2011: * Introduction
Stock market is one of the most important financial institutions of any economy as well as Bangladesh. It opens door for companies to raise huge amount of capital from a lot of individual investors inside & outside of a country.
Investors participate voluntary to buy ownership of a company in the public market. It is said that stock market is an intermediary institution to adjust a gap between surplus units and deficit units of an economy. In these days for millions of middle class educated people in Bangladesh investing in stocks is more popular than investing in any other investment sectors. For an investor, stocks are more liquid than any other investment sources as it gives ability to sell and buy ownership anytime without any hassle.
Since 2007 share prices of Bangladesh stock market have been increasing steadily over the past four years and it outperformed almost all the world´s markets (Amadeo, 2012).
The financial year 2008-09 is known for the global financial and economic crisis. Many developed and developing countries fall into recession. However, it could not affect Bangladesh economy greatly. So, the stock market of the country did not see any significant changes or fall. As CPD (2011) reported, financial year 2008-09 was a volatile year but during this year Bangladesh economy benefited from low prices of import-able and was able to avoid negative pressure on its export of goods and services. Consecutive outstanding performance of Bangladesh stock market in recent years before the crash lured millions of investors to the stock market to invest their little savings. Before the stock market crash the market had become a route of easy money for too many new individual investors. That is why millions of fresh investors invest their small saving in the market during this period. For…...

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