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Steps to Joining the United States Army

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September 11, 2011

Steps to Joining the United States Army

The steps to joining the U.S Army from your hometown recruiter station to the Army Basic Training. The first step to joining the U.S Army is contact the recruiter of the Army. The second step is to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The last step to joining the U.S Army is to selecting a job in the Army. These are some of the steps to joining the U.S Army from hometown to Basic Training. The first step of the process is to contact the Army recruiter. When you contact the recruiter he/she will ask what’s better for you to meet at him/her at the office or for he/she to come to your house. With the recruiter you will sit down and complete some paperwork that will have to be done. To meet the Army requirements a background check will have to be conducted on you. All of this is the recruitment step of the process. Some of the recruiters have been to place in the with Army that they will love to share with you to help you with the discussion of joining the United States Army. The recruiters will show the difference in the jobs the get your mind set on what you would like to do for the United States as your primary job in the U.S. Army. The second step is taking the ASVAB test to measures your knowledge and ability of conducting military tasks. The ASVAB measures knowledge and ability in ten different areas. The ASVAB scores are calculated to place each person in special categories. The scores you need to get in the Army are a 31 after scores are calculated in the categories. The ASVAB test helps the Army place future soldiers in jobs. The ASVAB scores are required for Army jobs that are score under the following scoring system. The line scores determine what job(s) an individual qualifies for. The ASVAB subtests are: General Science (GS);…...

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