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Starbucks Global Resonsibility Report

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Starbucks Global Responsibility Report

Starbucks focuses on many different facets with their global responsibility. They have tactics at the store level specifically relating to environmental efforts. At this level Starbucks has developed green building and energy and water conservation strategies. Recycling is also very important to Starbucks and they have been working diligently to make their packaging more broadly recyclable. Not only has Starbucks been working on their side in making materials more recyclable, they have also been working to develop improvements with local recycling infrastructures.
Starbucks continues to encourage reusable cups by providing a discount of 10 cents on each drink purchase where the customer’s reusable cup is filled instead of a recyclable Starbucks cup. In 2009, an LED lighting initiative was developed and they have already converted over 7,000 stores which has resulted in a decrease in energy consumption by 3.3%. Water use has been reduced by 25% by eliminating dipper wells and replacing with manually operated versions.
Starbuck has joined the U.S. Green Building Council and is trying to reach the goal that all of their stores will be built to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Currently they have six stores that have been built or renovated to achieve LEED standards. Inside these stores customers will find reused and recycled materials and local sourced elements, as well as innovative features to conserve water and energy. An example of this is the walk-up/drive-thru Starbucks made out of shipping containers that has just opened in Tukwila on December 13, 2011. tThey are hoping this building will be certified LEED soon and will be the first building in Tukwila to do so. Starbucks is also committed to supporting local communities. With community service projects, customers work hand in hand…...

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