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Sports in Secondary Schools

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Should Sports Classes be Dropped in Secondary School so Students can Concentrate on Academic Subjects?



Should Sports Classes be Dropped in Secondary School so Students can Concentrate on Academic Subjects?
Exercises and sports are important in the secondary school curriculum because they create the much needed break for students from the monotony and stress of academic work. Sports also encourage the students to remain healthy and avoid sicknesses like obesity. A lot of research has shown that students perform better academically when they are exposed to physical activity, sports therefore has a direct influence on the cognitive skills and academic behavior of students which are important for academic performance, additionally, sports in the students curriculum has shown it to enhance attention, concentration, and improved behavior in the classroom (Trudeau & Shephard 2008).
Basch (2011) claims that exercise directly affects the functioning of the brain by; increasing the flow of oxygen and neurotransmitters to the brain and supporting neurotrophins which are in charge of neurons which are responsible for memory and learning. He asserts that physical activity influences the development and behavior of the brain by improving attention span, information processing, retrieval and storage, in addition, sports also reduce cravings and enhance positive effects. Sports relieve students from boredom which result in higher attention levels in academics. Research also shows that exercise brings relaxation that result in improved concentration and mood, in addition to enhanced creativity, memory and problem solving skills.
Students who participate in sports are less likely to be involved in unhealthy behavior because their time is mostly spent in games. Sports involvement teaches students about team work, cooperation, and…...

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