Sonny; S Blues by James Baldwin

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...Sonny Faces Hard Times Sonny faced many battles throughout the years. Growing up in Harlem can be quite a challenge. Harlem is full of drugs and crimes. It can have an influence on a teenager’s life. He admires his older brother and is the “apple of his father’s eye” Baldwin (56). Sonny truly wanted to escape Harlem, but instead he faces troubles and ends up in jail. He becomes addicted to heroin at an early age. When he got out of prison, he tries to escape his past. He began to feel alone and disappointed in himself. He was never one to show his true feelings. Sonny used music to express the words he couldn’t say. Sonny has a passion for music. He always kept his emotions bottled up inside of him. Through music was able to express words and feelings that he is incapable of saying. In fact, music is his “calling”. He is a different person when he plays. The narrator sees a side to Sonny that he never saw before during his performance. Even though Sonny may feel that this music lifestyle may bring back his drug addictions, he refuses to give up his dreams. Sonny was never a man of words so uses his piano to tell stories. In a way, Sonny is “stalking” his calling by showing his blues to his friends, showing a side of him that no one knew. Many people are able to understand him through his music. He uses his imagination to create music, which comes from deep down in his heart. Just by hearing his songs, it truly shows how he isn’t afraid to explore new things and go......

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...In Paul’s Case by Willa Cather and Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin Paul and Sonny both have problems that are very similar. Paul’s family situation has no mother and a father who does no understand Paul and Paul is lacking parental guidance. Sonny’s parents are dead and he lost contact with his brother until he was released from prison, their home surrounding have major impacts on their lives, and they have similar hopes and dreams. Although they lived in different times and in different cities they share similar problems. Paul and Sonny share similar problems throughout their lives. Paul and Sonny share similar family predicament and situations. In "Sonny's Blues" Sonny was the youngest child in his family and after his parents died when he was young his big brother made a promise that he would look after him. Unfortunately, Sonny chooses the wrong path at first and gets involved in drugs and has to go to a rehabilitation center to get better. After he gets out his brother asks him "What do you want to do?"(47), to which Sonny replies "I'm going to be a musician. (47)" Sonny's brother doubts his aspirations from the beginning and even tells himself that "(he) never played the role of the older brother quite so seriously before (47)." Sonny's brother is a teacher and you can tell by his instincts how much he want to teach Sonny things about life in general. By playing the "roles" of parent, big brother, and teacher, Sonny's brother constantly stresses how he wants his......

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...both Sonny s Blues by James Baldwin and Paul s Case by Willa Cather. Both Baldwin and Cather illustrate the problem of a young man growing up and taking on the responsibility of finding out who they are and what they want out of life. In these stories the theme is most prevalent, developing the story and helping the reader form their own opinions on how they feel about their own individuality. No matter how hard someone tries to decide someone s life, it is up to the individual to decide what kind of life they want to live. In Sonny s Blues Sonny was the youngest child in his family and after his parents died when he was young his big brother made a promise that he would look after him. Unfortunately, Sonny chooses the wrong path at first and gets involved in drugs and has to go to a rehabilitation center to get better. After he gets out his brother asks him What do you want to do? (47), to which Sonny replies I m going to be a musician. (47) Sonny s brother doubts his aspirations from the beginning and even tells himself that (he) never played the role of the older brother quite so seriously before (47). Sonny s brother is a teacher and you can tell by his instincts how much he want to teach Sonny things about life in general. By playing the roles of parent, big brother, and teacher, Sonny s brother constantly stresses how he wants his brother to turn out. In the end Sonny s brother should have listened to himself when he told his mother that (Sonny is) a good boy and he s......

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...of the modern society. In my opinion the combination of these two issues (fear and ignorance) has created what is a scourge called racism. James Baldwin was a wise and prominent writer who fought against these issues through communication by either writing books or speaking at memorable events. Born in 1924 in New York and died in France in 1987, James Baldwin occupies a unique place in American letters. He is the epitome of the writer that links art to commitment, and can be found alongside Martin Luther King, Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte and Charlton Heston at the civil rights march in 1963 at Washington. The analysis of James Baldwin was somewhat aporetic, because on one hand we could quote him saying “Every white person in this country-and I do not care what he or she says-knows one thing. They may not know, as they put, "what I want”, but they know they would not like to be black here. If they know that, then they know everything they need to know, and whatever else they say is a lie.” , which is categorical and brutal in tone. Yet on the other hand, Baldwin always tried to put himself in the place of others by attempting to understand their behavior and their motivation. In the end, we can say that he has virtually written more about the moods of whites than those of blacks. This is obviously the faith that animates Baldwin. First of all, he has faith in America, because according to him, only Western nations with both power and experience will be capable of......

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...“Sonny Blue’s” I really liked the story “Sonny Blues,” because the story pulled you in and kept you wanting more. It did this by not giving you all the details so that you would have to continue. An example of this would be in the very being when the narrator found out his brother was arrested in a drug raid, while he was riding the subway to work. But the story does not tell you what is going to happen to Sonny, so the reader has to continue. The narrator continues the story by letting you know all the good he has tried to do for his brother, making you think that he is the good child. When all along, all it really seemed to be was the fact the narrator felt he let his mother down for not looking after his brother Sonny. After his mother passed away Sonny moved into his brother’s in-laws house so that he could finish up school. But this is not what Sonny wanted, he wanted to drop out of school and join the military. That Harlem was no good for him at this point in his life and he needed to get away. I think he was trying to tell his brother that he started doing drugs and that he needed to get away from Harlem. It seemed to me that the brothers did not understand each other and could not communicate well. The brother’s disapproval of Sonny's decision to become a musician comes from his idea of musicians in general. His experiences with musicians made him believe that they are unmotivated, drug users, seeking only escape from life. He does not really......

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...Finding Light through the Darkness In James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues”, the narrator which is Sonny’s brother, James attempts to understand the life of his younger brother Sonny. Through trials and tribulations both brothers see the light through the darkness that surrounds both of their lives. From childhood to adulthood, both brothers go through experiences, which would have an everlasting effect on their lives. The story is set in Harlem, New York City approximately after the Korean War. The brothers' military service plays an important role in the socio-historical context of the story. The narrator refers to being "home on leave from the army" during the war; he remarks that his father "died suddenly, during a drunken weekend in the middle of the war, when Sonny was fifteen", and he informs the reader that both he and Sonny served in the military. It is important to notice and understand these references to the military service of the brothers. The characters in "Sonny's Blues" reflect this tendency: As a teenager, Sonny yearns to enlist in the army or navy because it would take him away from the "killing streets" of Harlem and give him the opportunity to get a college education on the GI Bill. The narrator, too, has struggled in spite of his military service to his country to attain success and safety at home. He fought the war, returned home to become an algebra teacher, and a productive member of the middle class, and yet because of......

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...James Baldwin’s “Sonny Blues” is yet another literary masterpiece encompassing the adversity and perseverance of African Americans throughout history. Entranced by the metaphorical weight of the blues, I heard its heaviness intertwined with the throe of the characters as the deafening melody of Harlem’s woe rang from the pages. Baldwin depicts his underlying theme of oppression in the experiences of his characters. Early in the story, the narrator reflects on the day of his father’s funeral when his mother tells him of his uncle’s unjust demise. “Your father says he heard his brother scream when the car rolled over him, and he heard…them white men shouting…And, time your father got down the hill, his brother weren’t nothing but blood and pulp.” (Baldwin 56). Even the narrator himself recalls the tragic death of his two-year-old daughter, Gracie, and the desperation that led to him contacting his brother. Moreover, Sonny was lost in a sea of torment and addiction. “I can’t get anything straight in my head down here and I try not to think about what’s going to happen to me when I get outside again. Sometime I think I’m going to flip and never get outside and sometime I think I’ll come straight back. I tell you one thing, though, I’d rather blow my brains out then go through this again.” (Baldwin 51). Baldwin also illustrates the theme of oppression in his portrayal of Harlem. But houses exactly like houses of out past yet dominated the landscape, boys exactly like the......

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...Stephen Hamilton Professor T. Clark English 201 4 March 2008 “Sonny’s Blues” Authored by: James Baldwin Drugs, Music, and Culture have interacted together in various heights of conflict and harmony throughout modern day music, affecting the creators and patrons alike. James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” is a depiction of this triangle of cultural relations that has affected three generations of America Culture. Sonny, a pathless protagonist of the story finds music as his aim of escaping society’s African American brutal oppression in the 1950’s. Sonny’s brother makes the claim, “But there’s no need…is there? In killing yourself?” (Baldwin 59) referring to Sonny’s drug use in his musical escapes while playing nightclubs as a pianist in Greenwich Village. In the story "Sonny’s Blues" Sonny's brother makes the inaccurate assertion Sonny wants to die; in reality Sonny’s is simply trying to escape society's oppression. While living with Sonny’s brother’s family, talking in the afternoon with the brothers alone for the night; Sonny was talking about using heroin, “…what heroin feels like-when it’s in your veins…It makes you feel-in control. Sometimes you have to have that feeling.” (Baldwin 58) The commentary prior elaborated this statement when examining the singing quartet on their street and the struggles they went through to be able to sing like that, referring to the pain and passion in their voices. This helped illustrate the conflict of the time – American......

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...Chelsea Culberson Instructor Jacob Kruse Communications I 26 April 2014 “Sonny’s Blues” Sonny’s Blues is a story of disorientation at first. It tells a story of young man names Sonny and his brother who was the narrator. Sonny is young boy who in fact grew up the world of abandonment. He suffered from drug addiction, school dropout, and personal desertion issues. As the story unfolds from his older brother’s point of view, it explains how the older brother wished he had been there for his brother throughout his hard times of growing up. As the older brother puts forth the effort to lead Sonny into the right direction by welcoming him into his home, pushing him to finish school Sonny refuses to follow his brother’s guidance and turned his attention towards music. Music became his out for his internal misery he had endured. Along with dropping out of school, and the new love for music Sonny then left for good and went on to The military. Sonny’s age was never disclosed but he was under the age of 18, and all together disobeyed his brother’s wishes. The same wishes their own mother installed in the older brothers mind before her passing. All the time of Sonny being away in the military in wasn’t until he sent his brother a postcard of his whereabouts that they even knew he was alive. After the war both of the brothers returned home and joined forces again, just be apart for more time. It wasn’t until Sonny’s brothers finding in the newspaper that Sonny’s had been......

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...“Sonny’s Blues” Final Essay In James Baldwin’s short story “Sonny’s Blues” he uses the unnamed narrator also known as Sonny’s brother to provide an intimate insight into both his and Sonny’s lives, but also into their environment Harlem, New York. The narrator used his point of view and personal perspective to reveal both Sonny and Harlem and how the environment they were both brought up in has shaped them into the young men they were in the past and who they are now. This story begins when the brother finds out Sonny was in jail, when the narrator went to pick him up they begin having flashbacks from when their parents were alive and were speaking about racial issues they had been facing. Sonny finds his passion in jazz music. When he finally encourages his brother to listen to his music he takes him to the night club. He has a great epiphany realizing that their hardships can be turned into something beautiful. Growing up in an environment such as Harlem has had immense impact on the people sonny and his brother have become. This tough environment in Harlem would easily shape any person living in it but in particular Sonny and his brother. Harlem influenced the courses of action the brothers individually chose to take. The narrator described the city as a place that seems to entrap the people living in it and suck them into a lifestyle that they cant avoid. The lifestyle of drugs and crime, even if an individual such as the narrator doesn’t choose to participate in......

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...When one thinks of education, it is common to view it as an opportunity to expand the mind and that education is used to facilitate learning new skills,values and thoughts.However, education in America is not as effectual as it should be for everyone, due to institutional racism deeply embedded within the system. As displayed in both Sherman Alexie’s “Superman & Me” and James Baldwin’s “A Talk To Teachers”, children of minority are not given the same opportunities as white children and it is almost predetermined that black or indian children cannot be successful in school. While both essays argued the same general point about education, the way each point was presented contained differed tones and styles, setting the two pieces apart. In Sherman Alexie’s “Superman & Me”, Alexie begins his story by introducing how he learned to read, by using a Superman comic. This is important because it stresses the fact that Alexie did not have the same extensive resources that privileged white children do. Alexie read whatever he could find to educate himself, because he was aware that the only key to success is through obtaining an education. Alexie’s sharing of personal experience creates a connection with the audience. When Alexie speaks about how he learned to read from a comic book, this is almost a depressing statement. However, the audience knows that Alexie was able to overcome this depressing situation to become successful, even though he was never given proper educational......

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...The life of two brothers misery, love and hatred Sympathizing with Sonny, the drug addict in the story, rather than with his brother, the narrator, "Sonny's Blues" presents a complex picture of drug use as a means of coping with sorrow and fear. The short story "Sonny's Blues,” by James Baldwin, (1957) tells the story of two brothers who come to un-derstand each other. More specifically, it shows, through its two main characters, Sonny and his older brother, the two sides of African-American's experience with much of racism. The narrator, Sonny's brother, has tried to assimilate to the white society, but still feel the pain and the limits on his opportuni-ty. On the other hand, Sonny has never tried to assimilate and has to find the way out for his pain through drugs. In "Sonny's Blues,” we can understand what happened, why it happened, and why char-acters acted the way they do. The story Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin (1957) explores the theme of suffering experienced by Black Americans as individuals fettered by discrimination, unemployment, housing problems, drug ad-diction, imprisonment and suicide. It features the struggle of two brothers separated and caught in the entangle-ments of time, space and ideals. Harlem, the setting of "Sonny's Blues," is packed with barely-contained anger. The community is forced to live in an oppressive and painful world; as a result, many are left deeply angry. The narrator describes the neighborhood as a "boiling sea"......

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...AP Language: The Language of Composition Sample Responses to Questions on A Talk to Teachers by James Baldwin 1. In the opening paragraph, Baldwin establishes his ethos by connecting himself to his audience as a fellow citizen and fellow American, someone who loves his country and wants it to be whole and healthy. Though he identifies the chief fear of his audience as the fear of Communist, he proposes that the ore fearful aspect of American society of the early 1960s is the “bad faith and cruelty” of generations. Baldwin builds credibility with his audience by recognizing teachers as powerful people who “deal with the minds and hearts of young people.” His audience senses that he as a deep respect for what teachers do each day. He makes a crucial connection between teachers and the future of American society. In paragraph 2, Baldwin speaks deferentially to teachers and in a respectful tone directs his discussion toward the purpose of education, further establishing a rapport with his audience. His use of historical example and analogy to his audience that his is educated and thoughtful. Finally, as Baldwin reveals the paradox inherent in education – the process of education, whose purpose is to provide a way for individuals to establish an identity and think for themselves, is designed to teach obedience to the dictates of society – he further exhibits his depth of understanding for the role of teachers. He identifies strongly with teachers, as he know they believe...

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...TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS “Sonny’s Blues” is about two brothers who grew up in Harlem and the pervading hopelessness involved. They had the same parents, environment, and choices. The story is narrated by the older brother who did not succumb to his surroundings, unlike the younger brother, Sonny, who gave into the temptations of the darkness around him. The focus of the story is on Sonny and the path he takes. Sonny’s older brother grew up, joined the army, and later became an algebra teacher in the heart of Harlem. He started a family and created a good life for himself, despite the hardships that he faced in his neighborhood. The story doesn’t tell us how, but he accomplished his goals, as he seemed satisfied with his life. The older brother rose above his circumstances. Sonny joined the service as well, but fell into the same sad, yet usual fate of an average boy growing up in Harlem. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and fell into a life of drugs and addiction. Sonny confessed, “I guess I was afraid of something or I was trying to escape from something and you know I have never been strong in the head [smile]” (62). The brother and Sonny were not in contact due to the narrator’s frustration at the way his brother was leading his life. The older brother had suspicions (which he's been ignoring) that Sonny was doing drugs. They are confirmed when he read of Sonny’s arrest in the newspaper. He made no attempt to contact his brother, despite this......

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...Gail Horton AAS 131 Dr. E. Davis October 4, 2011 Student Sit-ins in Nashville, 1960 James Lawson, A theology student who decided that is was time to start a movement to stop segregation in Nashville. He and other student form a nonviolence workshop that consists of student’s witting in restaurants waiting to be service as customer. Nashville had some integrated areas school, council, board of education, police force and city buses, but hotel, libraries, theater and restaurants remained segregated. The nonviolence workshop was formed so everyone in Nashville could have a chance to enact with one another and to create a more just society. Black student was tired of segregated not been able to eat lunch and to do their homework. In November of 1959 the student planned a series of workshop to stop segregation four student went into Woolworth and sat at the lunch counter were black never sat before people look at them in disbelief and many of them were black worker. The media became of aware of what was happening day after day there were more and more students sitting in restaurants and at the lunch counter waiting to be serviced. Before long the student sit-in became cities wide at least 15-16 cities began to have though-out the South and most parts of the county. The student had some difficulty some of the student was beaten even jailed, but though it all Lawson and the students were determined to stop segregation. The purpose of the nonviolence workshop was......

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