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Are Solar Roadways the future?
In the beginning Scott and Julie Brusaw became open on the subject for creating solar-powered LED roadways, they have encountered an endless amount of doubt and even outright aggression. The reaction was obviously expected given how new this sort of technology is. Not only is it new, but it would quite difficult to execute the dream of electrifying roads and highways with reinforced solar panels. Some questioned question if whether or not solar roadways are even necessary. However, the most important company that governs American roads -- was willing to at least give the idea a shot. Although the idea of solar roadways does sound amazing has many obvious potholes, but its benefits are vastly in numbers.
The major advantages of the solar roadway is that it uses its utilities as a refurbishing like source of to create electricity. It has the possibility to diminish dependence on sources of energy like coal and other fuels. Also, the durability of a solar panel last about 20 years, so much better than your common asphalt roads, which last about 12 years. If the time ever occurred of an environmental disaster or military problem occurred, like an emergency, solar roadways are there to lend their power which will most likely be needed. Solar power can be easily renewed, it does not need any outside connection to any sort of power source. Another great perk is that they do not need the development of possibly sensitive lands. This probably one the most controversial issues when comes down to US road installations. However, since the roads are already put in place the issue does not really effect the idea.
Yes the roads are dark, but we still use them since we have no other choice, the Solar Roadway will have LEDs which will illuminate the roads lanes, and can also freely customize when needed. So many…...

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The earth receives about 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter. In one second the sun produces energy to meet the current needs of the entire Earth for 500,000 years. Solar energy used to photosynthesis. 99.99% of solar radiation goes to waste. Solar energy will never run out and it is very abundant and clean.
 Solar energy has been used by humans for thousands of years.   For example, ancient cultures used energy from the sun to keep warm by starting fires with it.   They also kept their homes warm through passive solar energy designs.   Buildings were designed so that walls and floors collected solar heat during the day that was released at night to keep them warm.   If you have ever stood in the sun to get warm then you too have utilized solar thermal energy.

 The discovery of photovoltaic happened in 1839 when the French physicist Edmond Becquerel first showed photovoltaic activity.   Edmond had found that electrical current in certain materials could be increased when exposed to light.   66 years later, in 1905, we gained an understanding of Edmonds' work when the famous physicist Albert Einstein clearly described the......

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