Software Quality Evaluation

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Evaluation of Software Quality
Krzysztof Sacha
Warsaw University of Technology, Nowowiejska 15/19 00-665 Warszawa, Poland

Abstract. The paper describes a method, which we used to evaluate the expected quality of software that was developed for a huge governmental system. The evaluation lasted nearly two years and was performed along with the software development process. The output that was expected by our customer consisted of a quality assessment accompanied by a set of recommendations on what to do in order to enhance the quality of the product.

1 Introduction
The ultimate goal of software engineering is to find methods for developing high quality software products at reasonable cost. As computers are being used in more and more critical areas of the industry, the quality of software becomes a key factor of business success and human safety. Two approaches can be followed to ensure software quality. One is focused on a direct specification and evaluation of the quality of software product, while the other is focused on assuring high quality of the process by which the product is developed. The software industry is currently entering a period of maturity, in which particular informal approaches are specified more precisely and are supported by the appropriate standards. Quality characteristics of software products are defined in ISO/IEC 9126 [1]. For each characteristic, a set of attributes which can be measured is determined. Such a definition helps in evaluating the quality of software, but gives no guidance on how to construct a high quality software product. The requirements for a quality management system are defined in ISO 9001 [2]. All the requirements are intended for application within a software process in order to enhance the customer satisfaction, which is considered the primary measure of the software product quality. The…...

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