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Categories of Software Defects

A careful review of the software quality literature reveals that the overall ambiguity in defining what "quality" means has carried over into the definition of software defects.
There seems to be no effective and generally agreed to taxonomy of software defect categories.

Other industries which have explicit warranties for their products (unlike software which usually is not warrantied). Assuming that software will eventually begin to issue warranties, what are the kinds of defects that are likely to trigger warranty repairs if they reach customers.

For warranty purposes, there are four general categories of software defects that are of concern because they tend to be significant in product liability litigation:

1. Errors of commission, where something is done that is wrong. A classic example at the code level would be going through a loop one time too many or branching to the wrong address. An example of this kind of error at the specification level was noted in an IBM software specification where the data format for information being transmitted was different from the format expected by the receive function of the same application. An example of this kind of problem in user manuals is frequently found in usage instructions, where the command sequence in the user manual differs from what the software really uses. Many applications are shipped with "READ MW files which explain last-minute changes that were noted after printing of manuals occurred.

2. Errors of omission, where something was left out by accident. A minor but common example for code would be omitting one of the parentheses in nested expressions. In requirements and specifications, another common error of omission is to leave out discussions of opposites. For example, a specification might say "users must enter a valid personal security code…...

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