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Sofiyivskiy Park “Sofiyivka”is one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and is one of the few “landscape masterpieces of the world”. Over half a million tourists come here every year to catch a glimpse of the Park, an amazing natural treasure. The Sofiyivsky Park, with its marvelous landscapes, exotic trees, silent lakes, old waterfalls, fairytale little stone garden, medieval bridges, mirror-like ponds, fantastic antique sculptures, and mysterious caves, is one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

Thanks to the talents of architects and landscapers invited from the Europe to Uman, today everybody can discoer thousands of exotic plants in landscapes, which were brought from all over the world. Sofiyivka is often called ‘a stone poem’, because according to the architect’s plan, each composition and sculpture refers to myths and legends of Ancient Greece. The park itself is a living illustration of Homer’s epic poems "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad". Created in romantic style using Greek mythology, Sofiyivka is not only one of the most charming places of Ukraine, but also one of its most romantic nooks. After all, this tremendous place was created in the name of love, and love has been its symbol for over 200 years.

As a part of National Academy of Science in Ukraine, park engages in the research of tree and shrub cultivators and organizes conferences on dendrological and conservation topics.


The park was planned in 1796 by Uman’s governor at the time, the Polish Count Stanisław Potocki, who decided to present this unique gift to his adoring wife. The count met the beautiful Greek woman Sofia during one of his travels and fell madly in love. But there was a problem, as both of them were married. Finally, Potocki was able to buy out Sofia from her ex-husband for the sum of two million zlotys, and to divorce his wife. Eventually, the park was gifted and named after his Greek beautiful wife Sofia. The park created in romantic style using Greek mythology. This idea belonged to Sofia who missed her native country very much. Like the Taj Mahal in India, it is a symbol of great love.

Establishment of the park cost 15 million zlotys, huge expense for the times, and its construction was completed in the first nineteenth century. Designer and contractor – Polish military engineer Ludwig Metzell gathered plants from many parts of Europe. The park is decorated with a number of sculptures, mostly antique ones, and artificial cliffs, grottoes, and gazebos.


Take a walk along its green paths, have a look at the mysterious grottoes (especially the grotto of Venus created in the form of an antique temple), admire the fine statues of Apollo and Euripides, make a wish on the Venetian bridge, visit the most beautiful pavilion of Flora and the Love Island. And if you visit during the summer, go boating on the underground river Styx, which leads to the Dead Lake. The Sofiyivsky Park is beautiful in any season, whether it is wrapped in snow, smothered in summer’s greenery, or decorated with autumn’s vivid fallen leaves.





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