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Societal Views

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Societal Views

Both of the sociological perspectives help view society, each one has many similarities and differences. These two theories are the functionalist theory, and the conflict theory. The functionalist theory is an organized society with people that hold the same basic values and morals. The conflict theory is a concept that social is controlled and manipulated by powerful groups. Ultimate control of everything is based on money, wealth, and economic societal power. The two take very different approaches to understanding what society is like.
The functionalist theory was created by Robert Merton and Emilie Durkheim. The perspective views society as a combination of institutions, functions that create societal equality, stability and harmony. This means all the functions rely on each other; if one function changes, then so will all the others. This theory is based on natural science itself that’s positivism. This means if there are many problems they blame parts of society. The conflict theory was a perspective that emphasized inequality. Karl Marx was popular for developing this theory. He wanted capitalists to use their power by harbouring resources, and manipulate institutions like religion. Furthermore, thus alienates all the workers. This theory is limited to individuals and cannot observe wider societal situations. Conflict theory is highly undeveloped. If any problems arise this theory blames the entire system.
Both functionalism and conflict theory has in common and is that they both look at society on the “micro level” meaning both look at the bigger picture. Both functionalism and the conflict theory understand societies larger elements such as institutions. Functionalism thinks institutions create equality, stability and harmony. Whereas, the conflict theory believes institutions are used for capitalists to manipulate each other.…...

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