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1. Before using ACCPAC we create two types of databases, System database and Company database.
a. System database stores information on users, passwords, security groups, security settings, currency for the companies that are linked to it.
b. Company database stores information that is used by all the accounting applications for a single company. All information entered in the modules is stored in the company database.

2. We create company and system databases in Sage Accpac, but before we create system and database we must create the folders that will hold the sage Accpac databases in Windows Explorer after we set up system and company database in Microsoft SQL Server.
3. The directory in which your data files will be located is determined in the folder field of the database setup window. When you enter a new database, folder field is entered on the second screen of the database setup window. If the folder you enter has not already been created. You will be prompted to create it.
4. Once the company has been created, the functional currency selection cannot be changed. In order to change it company database files have to be deleted and created from the beginning.
5. Administrative Services and Common Services are part of the system manager.
a. Common Service manager the data shared by all accounting modules for the company. (Company profile, Currency, Schedules, Reminder List,Fiscal Calendar etc.)
b. Administrative Services contains icons that are used only by system administrator of the company to set up security and to check up integrity of the data. ( Users, Security Group, User Authorization, Data Activation, Database Load, data Integrity etc).

6. A) Oldest Fiscal year- it’s a one year prior to current fiscal year that we enter.
a. B) Current Fiscal Year- it is a current fiscal year of the company that we choose to establish as a…...

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