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Does serve pain in your knees stop your life? Does it pain you to walk or stand for an extended period of time? Do you wish you could have an active life & enjoy physical activities again? If you suffer from any of these problems Smith & Nephew’s Legion Verilast Knee System might be able to give you back your life.

The Legion Verilast Knee System is Smith & Nephew’s flagship reconstructive knee system. The Legion Verilast Knee System is lab tested to last 30 years. This knee system has brought relieve to many suffering from serve arthritis. Arthritis occurs when the cartilage in the joints and causes bone on bone in the knee joint. This can cause serve pain and aching in the joints. The Legion Verilast Knee System can end the pain and offer you a fresh start on life.

Still not convinced Legion Verilast Knee System can bring you back an active lifestyle. Then go to our website and read testimony from tennis legend Billie Jean King who has had a double knee replacement. If we can get this aging athlete back running on the tennis court, we are sure we can revitalize you life too. We are convinced that our product will be a valuable investment to regaining your lifestyle again.

Now are you ready to make the next step in changing your lifestyle. Just do not sit there in pain, call your physician and find out if you would be a candidate for a Legion Verilast Knee System to relieve your pain. Take action now, get back to living the active lifestyle you use to live. Get a Legion Verilast Knee System and start running the marathon of…...

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