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Slade Plating Department Case

The Slade Plating Department case details a department of a company where volume sales are high, production is adequate (not necessarily efficient), and the managers are generally pleased with the division. However, that description merely covers the surface. The issues within the plating company are deeply rooted in ethics, which is not uncommon at all. To make the case even more complicated, the supervisor of the division, Mr. Porter, knows of these issues at hand. First, it is easy to suggest that Mr. Porter simply do nothing about the current concerns – specifically below-average workers and time-punching strategies between coworkers – given that the division is a profitable one, and that “blowing the whole thing up” as Mr. Porter hinted at could ultimately do more harm than good. But taking this route would not be effective management by any means, and even more so, ethically sound management.
The primary issue at hand here is workers producing below expected levels. While time-punching schemes and the deliberate stretching out of one’s work hours are of great importance, that is a much more difficult issue to handle, and one that workers will probably find a loophole to even if given a new system of recording their time worked (nevertheless, suggestions will still be made on to improve that system). Now, in terms of Herman’s work productivity, there are two ways this could be handled. Mr. Porter could either place Herman in an aisle that requires little effort, either polishing or rack assembly/repair, or he could place him in an aisle that required attention and skill. Since it seems that Herman’s tendencies are to do as little work as possible, I would suggest to place him in the rack assembly/repair aisle. This way, it not only minimizes the productivity hit that the more attention-based aisles would take given his…...

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