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Enercon India: Project Planning
A case published in Vikalpa (house journal of IIM Ahmedabad) and written by Saral Mukherjee and G Raghuram, faculty of IIM, Ahmedabad
Management Case: Describes a real life situation faced, a decision or action taken by an individual manager or by an organization at the strategic, functional or operational levels.
Key Words: Project Management, Wind Energy, Logistics, Delivery Reliability, Outsourcing
August 23, 2003, 7.30 a.m.
Prithwiraj Rathore had just finished his tea in the morning when his cellphone rang. As the team leader of erection and commissioning activities at the Nawapur site of Enercon, Prithwiraj was habituated to getting calls at odd hours. But, this telephone call seemed ominous. The villagers had been agitating for the better part of last week as they were under the impression that the wind turbine generators being constructed by the company near their agricultural land would affect the growth of their crops. While Prithwiraj had used all his reasoning powers to enlighten the villagers, he knew that what was driving the agitation was greed and not fear of stunted crop growth. He had seen such agitations under one pretext or another in almost every site he had managed in the last seven years at Enercon. Essentially, the villagers who held land close to the project site wanted to grab as much compensation as possible. In order to bring the situation under control, last night, Prithwiraj had requested the company for posting armed guards at the site. Vikrant Singh, Project Manager at the Vadodara project office, had indicated that such guards would be available within two days.
Fortunately, it turned out that the phone call was not about reporting any trouble with the villagers. Instead, Jayant Shah, Site Engineer, was reporting a snag with the 220 tonne crane. To avoid high winds during erection of the wind…...

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