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Situational Awareness in Emergency Management

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A Recommended Web-Based Situational Awareness
Program for the City of Port Orange

A Recommended Web-Based Situational Awareness
Program for the City of Port Orange

The growth in technology over the past decade has paved the way for great advancement in the field of emergency management with the use of web-based situational awareness programs. In a White House briefing following Hurricane Katrina, it was noted that unified management and lack of inter-agency communication was one of the greatest pitfalls in the recovery process (The White House, 2005). Complete, accurate, and up-to-the-minute situational awareness is essential for emergency responders and others who are responsible for controlling complex, dynamic systems and high-risk situations. Inadequate or completely absent situational awareness is cited as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error (Reichenbach, 2009). Put simply, web-based situational awareness facilitates collaboration across multiple levels of preparedness, planning, response, and recovery for all-risk/all-hazard events. It is a combination of tools, technologies, and an innovative concept of operations to improve the communication flow in emergency response.
This is testament to the dire need for Port Orange to invest in a situational awareness program so that we don’t fall victim to the same downfalls that those jurisdictions faced in Hurricane Katrina. Currently, there is a gap between the information that emergency managers get and the information that emergency managers need to improve their situational awareness during emergency events; which ultimately impacts the emergency management process. Port Orange is one of sixteen jurisdictions that comprise Volusia County; furthermore, the EOC hub is located in Daytona Beach just off International Speedway Blvd. Due to the fact that this county is one…...

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