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Wong Hoi Mei
Case Study 1-Hoi Tin Tong
Situation analysis
Hoi Tin Tong (HTT) was established in 1990 in Hong Kong. It has over 80 chains retail stores in Asia market. This shows that it has distinctive market share and strong market brand name in its target market.

HTT offers different varieties of products like Herbal drink Series, Chinese Herbal Series, Cooking Sauce Series, and Chinese Herbal Gummy Series and sold through stores, supermarkets, schools, etc.

However, compare to HTT, Hung Fook Tong (HFT) has more than 120 stores in China and HK and more than 3000 retail points. Also, it offers over 100 different types of products which is more diverse. Moreover, consumers also perceive HFT and HealthWorks provide health supplement goods and are trendier than HTT.

Although Kung Wo To has only 10 stores in Hong Kong, consumers generally regard Kung Wo To is more traditional and products have more medical function than HTT.

For the strengths,
First, Hoi Tin Tong clarifies that the test of no turtle shell in its turtle jelly is not credible with the evidence that the Professor of the test withdraw his claim in 2015. After this, Hoi Tin Tong has proved their turtle jellies consist of turtle shell by a DNA test. This implies that Hoi Tin Tong was a victim and being targeted.

Second, Hoi Tin Tong has not raised the price of the turtle jelly, this increase the favorability toward HTT of consumers. Also, HTT offers 30% off coupons which is sold in a set to customers. This raises the consumers’ consistency to eat HTT’s products as well as their loyalty.

For the weaknesses,
First, a series of defamation that have hurt the reputation of Hoi Tin Tong, for example, the test of no turtle shell in Hoi Tin Tong turtle jelly in 2013, a video about moldy turtle jelly in 2013. It results that many consumers are hesitated in eating HTT’s products.…...

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Hoi an

...5 Group: 08 Code: 13f7011273 Hoi An- a nostalgic beauty of Viet Nam [pic] Located in central Quang Nam province, Hoi An ancient town is an Eastern oriental classic captivation. With the strategic location on the banks of the great river, the harmonious combination of Vietnamese culture and Japanese culture and sparkling multi-coloured lanterns, Hoi An today attracts more and more tourists from around the world. Hoi An symbol, the most popular remnant is the Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Cau or Lai Vien Kieu. Tourists should spend time on visiting Quan Cong Temple, Museum of Culture… Many ancient style - oriented architects come here to have a direct look into the ancient houses of the town. At Hoi An, you will only see many old yellow houses close together in small streets instead of towering buildings or brilliant billboards. The design of the houses shows how local architecture incorporated Japanese and Chinese influences. Moreover, there are roadside trees with the bloom flowers which make visitors calm and relax in a poetic scenery. Hoi An brings to the visitors a distinct romantic beauty. It is not too thoughtful as Hue ancient capital, not too eventful as Lớn market, Ho Chi Minh city. Coming to Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to admire the tiled roof moss green or the lanterns flickering in the dark or the century-old wooden houses with features intricate carving. Especially, try to visit Hoi An on the night of the full......

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