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Simple Pleasure Marketing Plan
Keller Graduate School of Management –HM585
Instructor: Christopher Zombas
Niomi Faison
February 20, 2011

Final Draft

Executive Summary
Simple Pleasures is an establishment that will makes all dreams come true. Not only will it be a place to enjoy some of the best cuisine that anyone will die for on this side of the Mason Dixon line in addition to, some of the best movies of all times as well as, as entering paradise when you waltz into your guest room, which remembers the period of cultural enhancement, social grace, and general affluence in the last decades of the 18th and first decade of the 19th centuries. The enthusiasm of the "Let the Good Time Roll" era will be reawakened as the model of this restaurant on the establishments of the Montmartre district of Savannah. The patrons that will visit this establishment will be lured in an ambience of one of a kind and no experience like any other. This business has taken three concepts and merges them together as one that will be very appealing to all of their customers.
The decor will be comparable to that of the restaurant themes of 1860's to 1880's, and feature artwork of the Impressionists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Mary Cassat, and Berthe Morisot (McLaughlin).
The thrilling and invigorating characteristics of this restaurant are that it surpass beyond decor and shift into a genuine existence, initial experience. From the ambience and the soft flowing silhouette music will make every moment a precious and expressive encounter.
The menu is a diverse, international, elegant variety. Every page is vastly exemplified with artist illustrations of the regional cuisine, a small drawing of the world displaying the area and original ingredients. The bulk of the menu is the cuisine of Europe and America in addition to, offering…...

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