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Should People Who Download Music and Movies Illegally Be Punished?

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Should people who download music and movies illegally be punished?
The number of illegal movie and music downloads has steeply risen over the past decade. Music and movie producers invest immense time and resources in production hoping to not only recoup their investment but also earn profits. Neither music nor movies are spontaneously created. It is only logical that users pay for them and not exploit the producers through free illegal downloads. As a result, people who download music and movies illegally should be punished.
A businessman invests to get returns, a soldier risks his life to earn a salary, a farmer toils to get a good harvest, and so is the case with other human activities. As a matter fact, all activities are directed towards some form of reward. Musicians and movie producers should not be denied their rewards. Sadly, illegal downloads denies them earnings from their hard work.
Other than reward, illegal download of movies and music wipes out passion for creativity. It discourages artistic talent and makes artists feel their efforts are being exploited by people who enjoy watching yet pay nothing for it. This is devastating considering that the only way artists can grow is through the earnings generated from their existing works.
The economy also suffers when illegal music and movie downloaders are let scot-free. It is undeniable that entertainment contributes immensely to national revenue (Osman 167). When no earnings are made from the music and movies, the national economy is also denied important revenue.
In principle, society’s moral attitude is severely damaged by illegal music and movie downloads. Online piracy denies artists their deserved rewards, discourages creativity and denies governments revenues. It is not different from stealing and breaches copyright laws. Those who download music and movies…...

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