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Shopping as Symbolic Interaction: race, class and gender in the toy store.


I think the main point of the author is to try to explain us the difference between

socials classes and treatment to different people in a toy store, and how she deals

with every situation put in her way when a costumer is complaining about something .

She also explains the different tactics that her fellow employes used to treat the

Costumers and their effectiveness to control them in tough situations.

One of the research methods that she used was to observe how the employees and

Costumers interacted with each other, specially black and Latino workers with white

middle class women, who were the ones that were always complaining about

everything and the black and Latino women didn't complaint as much as the others


Some of the things that I learned from this reading are that upper social classes

always have a lot advantages over other people, and that the businesses treat them

better because they know they have money and they don't want to lose that kind of

Costumers even if they lose some money.

This reading basically proved me right, because I always knew all of this stuff,

because every time you go to a toy store (or any other store) you see this kind of

benefits, but that's how it is and we cannot change it.

Something that I want to add, is that stereotypes have played a mayor role in our society, in every corner of this world, and there's nothing we can really do about it, but we can only accept it, while other people might have a different idea this is what I think and as a Latino (Mexican) I know how it feels to be discriminated, but 'we have to remain…...

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