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"Serrusalmus" is a short story written by Lesley Glaister. The story is about a lady, called Marjorie. When she was a little girl she loved ants, she were inspired of them. She wanted ants as pets. In her opinion ants were just like people, working together as a theme, and just as busy like the people. But at the year pasted she got sick. She suffered from agoraphobia - she was afraid to be in big open places. Her opinion of ants changed, it was not longer ants, which were like people. It was people who were just like ants.
She had a dread of people. Therefore she kept fishes as pets in a big aquarium. In her opinion fishes were so peacefully. She felt safe, when she was watched them, and near to them. Her love to her fishes was like a mother-children relationship. She loved them, as they were her own children.

But one day Mick, the troublemaker, came to her apartment. He always used to beg Marjorie, for money, food or clothes, but this time he actually came to help her putting her sick angel fish into a new clean aquarium. So she believed him! Mick pretended to take care of the sick fish, but he was just pretended. He took the net and caught the fish. He went over to the window and asked how much worth it was. He wanted a hundred quid, but she didn't have the money, and then he flipped the fish out the window, and afterwards he ran after it. And after the sad event, he came back. Marjorie pulled him a drink, but into it she had dropped some of the tablets - which the doctor had described for her agoraphobia.
He felt asleep, he was sleeping like a stone. Then she took her piranha and put it in a bucket. She took his hand, and held it into the bucket and a few minutes later, his hand was almost gone.
The piranha had eaten his hand. She bears no grudge now. After she put the piranha back in the aquarium, it blew her kisses.
The boot was on the other foot now.…...

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