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1Sam 20:15-17. David had a covenant with Jonathan to show love, exceed love and kindness to his family in the event that he, Jonathan dies and David becomes King.
2 Sam 4 and 5 gave an analysis of how David defeated Saul, the death of Jonathan and Saul’s other household members, to become King of Israel.
2 Sam 4:4 recorded the fact that Jonathan had a son Mephibosheth who was crippled on both feet. He was dropped by his Nanny while trying to escape with him in the heat of the war. He was only 5years old.
2 Sam 8:15 emphasized that David ruled over all Israel executing judgment and justice.

2 Sam 9: 1-13.
Main Observations:

VS 1 – is there anyone in the house of Saul that I might show God’s kindness for Jonathan’s sake. (Note not for Saul‘s sake, Saul tried to kill me, but Jonathan was a covenant brother.) I can hear the echoes of Mercy and whispers of love, the kind of love God showed to you and me that He gave His only son for us John 3:16. And while we are yet sinners, the scriptures says, Jesus Christ died for us.
We are all sitting here today as beneficiaries of God benevolence and I can still hear the spirit of God, the echoes of mercy saying “is there anyone among you that needs Gods kindness and mercy. Not anyone who is Rich, deserving, highly placed or educated with many PhD, but anyone who needs mercy of God.
I had that call years a ago and instead of anyone I put my name. God gave an open cheque and I wrote my name on it.
Paul wrote in 1Cor 1:26-27 – Read
God is not calling us to be strong in our self. Initially God is calling us to be weak so that we can find strength in Him.
The kind of weakness in Zach 4:6 – It is not by power or might but by my spirit says the Lord.
The kind of weakness in 2Cor 12:16 “ Therefore I take pleasure in…...

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