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Course Project Sales Presentation Outline
Rita Palasek
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2-in-1 Washer/Dryer Combo with Remote Start

The approach that better suits my product would be the business contact approach. My 2-in-1 washer/ dryer combo is a newly unique sleek design that gets the job done in half the time than the average combo and comes with remote start. If you looking for something better that offers more than what you are getting than you should invest in my product and guarantee you won’t be disappointed or get your money back guaranteed. My product offers several different features to get the job done effectively and efficiently. It comes with electrical 110 volt/60HZ/15 Amp, 1300 RPM max speed, adjustable spin time, six minutes max per each cycle. Automatic door lock as well as extra-large chrome and glass door with fifteen wash cycles and steam cleaning technology. There’s so much more that my product offers you got to see it to believe it. Purchasing an energy star qualified model rather than a non-qualified model will definitely save you an average of about $70 a year on your utility bills. Energy star gives you between 10-20 gallons of water per load compared to the 30-35 gallons used by a standard machine. It also comes without a bulky agitator which makes more space in the washer for your laundry. The Uniqueness of the combo comes with smart stats tool which lets you see how much energy goes into your laundry appliances. It features a moisture senor that’s designed to ensure clothes are dried just right, and then tells the machine to shut down. You get to choose the fabric types, speed dry as well as extended tumble the keeps the clothing tumbling after the drying cycle, typically with no extra heat. This is designed to get wrinkles out of clothing. All of this comes with remote start which makes the process a lot…...

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