Selecting an Acquiring Information System

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Selecting an Acquiring Information System
Shere'e Edwards
February 27, 2012
Professor Marc Magill

Selecting and Acquiring an Information System The process of selecting and acquiring an information system for an organization involves many activities such as planning and gathering a special team to carry out the project, which can be a huge task for a health care organization because of the installations, testing, redesigning, and other changes. Furthermore, there is a need to train, data changing, and new procedures to write (Wagner, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). There is a lot of detailed work to implement in order to have and accept a new system for all to use in an organization. This paper will provide a briefing on process for selecting and acquiring an information system, how the organization’s goals drive the selection of an information system and what roles each of the organization’s stakeholder’s play in the selection and acquisition process. Outline an approach for evaluating and selecting a new system. After it has been planned on paper it will be time under the leadership of the physician or a system champion who is well respected in the organization to design a work team (Johnson, 2006). He/she will assign key individuals for this project such as a Health Information Manager, nurse manager, and the office manager etc. The doctor will determine his/her team by identifying their role and knowledge of systems. According to Wagner, Lee & Glaser (2009), “Although the exact team composition will depend on the scope and nature of the new system, a team might include a project leader, system champion(s), key individuals from the clinical and administrative areas that are the focus of the system being acquired, vendor representatives, and information technology (IT)…...

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