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Thoreau’s View of Modern Society
Henry David Thoreau’s “Seeing the Light,” explains about his journey into the wilderness. He went into the wilderness to find the truth about human’s existence. Thoreau proceeded on this journey to live with an agglomeration of simplicity. Thoreau chose this lifestyle of simplicity on his own volition, without any outside influence as expressed in “Seeing the Light.” In this excerpt Thoreau discusses the negative impacts of over-working, stresses the advantages of disassociating with the negative aspects society, and enabling ones self to experience a spiritual awakening. He wanted to have his life changed and in this excerpt he reflects and implies his own thoughts to create this change for himself.
Thoreau views working in a negative way because he believes that society as a whole is working too often and too fast. Thoreau does not like the “modern gadgets”. He lists the telegraph and the railroad as specific examples. This passage explains that the railroad is a poison to the countrymen’s lives because it changes their slow paced lives into fast paced, hectic lives. As a result, people spend most of their time rushing around everywhere trying to get everything done as quickly as possible but ironically, people are always tardy. Thoreau wants people to stay at home and mind their own business so their lifestyles will not be altered to a faster pace. Thoreau is very conservative and traditional; he does not want anyone changing his life into what everyone else is moving towards. He wants to be like the countrymen, unaffected by the hectic lifestyle. Thoreau indicates that if one spends their life focusing on the important things, then they will be freed from the unessential, which will greatly improve their quality of life. He also stresses that it is unnecessary to merge into the fast paced lifestyle of constantly…...

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