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The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a self-assessment used to categorize behavior and personal strengths within conflict and non-conflict situations. The SDI outlines seven different motivational value systems (MVS): blue (nurturing), red (assertive), green (analytical), hub (flexible), red-blue (assertive-nurturing), red-green (judicious-competing), and blue-green (cautious-supporting). Each color has a valued relating style (VRS) or behavior associated with it along with a defined rewarding environment.
After completing the SDI and discussing the results in class, I have a better understanding of the different MVS, VRS, patterns of motivation, and the Conflict Sequence outlined by the SDI. I can use what I have learned from the SDI and my own personal strengths to enhance communication with other people, including those in my area of work. Enhancing communication in my area of work can be accomplished by understanding the motives and values of each behavioral type and implementing the following: observe the concerns of people I interact with and identify their MVS based on the strengths I observe, educate them about my own MVS, and open lines of communication by borrowing their MVS in effort to prevent unnecessary conflict. Observing the behavior of others is a skill that I need to develop. This will give me a better understanding as to what motivates them and aid in identifying their MVS. Once I have identified their behavior, I can evaluate what is important to them, which then could lead to operating in their rewarding environment.
Next, I can use the SDI to help educate others about myself and my own MVS. I can express my concerns to them, help them understand what is important to me, explain how their behavior makes me feel, and describe how I react to their behavior in times of conflict and non-conflict. This will open up the lines of…...

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