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Apple Inc. in 2015 Apple Inc. is one of the largest technological companies in the world. The company has its headquarters in California, specifically in Cupertino in the United States of America. It trades its stock on NASDAQ with the initials AAPL ( Under the shrewd leadership of its late founder Steve Jobs, the company has continuously invented technological products that have augured well with consumers in the market. It targets high-end customers due to its focus on high-quality products, undoubtedly the finest in the market, and being a pacesetter in all its areas. Apple manufactures, develops and does marketing of electronics, computers, offers online services, Apple Watch among other activities and is continuously expanding its markets to other areas so as to maintain and exceed the profitability of the company from one financial year to the another. The late Steve Jobs genius in developing appropriate marketing slogans and focus on designing products that have a great demand in the market contributed to the immense success of Apple over the years. The high level of innovation and its position as a leader ensured Apple enjoyed a high demand for its products in certain markets before other companies discovered or joined the gap in the markets. Apple joined the technological industry at a time IBM was a giant, and it had to come up with certain strategies to ensure they take a considerable share of the market in the personal computer market. The smartphone market is also full of competition from phones Android phone producers especially Samsung that are usually relatively cheap. This is especially true in emerging markets. However, Apple has always come up with an appropriate strategy to ensure an upsurge in its sales. Some thought the death of Steve Jobs marked the end of Apple, but so far Cook has proved critics wrong. This paper analyzes…...

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