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Survey on Project Management Practices in Abu Dhabi Region

Project Management Club, College of Business
Administration, Abu Dhabi University
Research Survey
The objective of this study is to promote knowledge sharing and learning from each other for the best project management practices. We need expert’s opinions in order to transfer the knowledge and accelerate diffusion process in the Abu Dhabi region. We will survey your perception of PM practices in terms of use and potential impact of existing knowledge to develop an operational model to assess the project management practices.
We will compare your current practices with project-management maturity model developed by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).
We enclose a survey instrument that need to be completed by project managers, senior managers, or senior project team members who have the direct experience of managing or participating in large complex projects. You may respond to the questionnaire based on your experience in ONE of your recent projects as a reference case. Your response is vitally important for us to successfully complete this study. We are particularly interested to find out in which aspects that Abu Dhabi region project-based companies are ahead or lagging behind the world-class standards and practices.
Your inputs will be treated with high confidentiality if required. We are grateful for your participation and assistance in this survey. Please indicate if you wish to receive a copy of the survey results.
Dr. Mian Ajmal (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Mohsin Malik (Co-Investigator)
Abu Dhabi University
College of Business Administration
P.O.Box 59911
Abu Dhabi, UAE +971-2-501-5667

Survey on Project Management Practices in Abu Dhabi Region
Please provide the following information about yourself and your organization:…...

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