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The change of science and technology and impact on humans
Donna Haraway is a prominent scholar and her works have significantly contributed the study of science and technology. Her major work has sparked debate in many other fields, which is called the cyborg manifesto. She introduces her cyborg theory that tell us that humans are cyborgs, both biological beings and programmed machines. She explains the definition of a cyborg which is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism. Science and technology has both advanced and changed dramatically over time. Technology can radically change what humans are capable of achieving which increases human control, so while humans and technology can both ultimately change cultures and ways of life, the two will continue to function together. I chose this topic because I strongly believe in what Donna Haraway has to say about humans and cyborgs and the similarities between each other. I have begun reading information about how has science and technology changed what it means to be human and became very interest and committed into answering the question with the precise, scholar articles that I will be gathering in order to complete this research paper. I tend to approach this topic by heading towards the idea of cultural theory between the history of communications and control in the human machine and also the concept of the cyborg. I tend to speak also about the reinvention of nature, and the relationship of ideas and humanness and machines and the breakdown of boundaries between human and animal, animal-human and machine.

Annotated bibliography
Muri, A. (1965). The Enlightenment Cyborg: A History of Communication and Control in the Human Machine, 1660-1830. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. In this book, Muri talks about the comparison of cyborgs and humans and how they act upon each other. He…...

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