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The scientific method is the set of actions that one takes when trying to figure something out. It is based on the principle of cause and effect (Ward). By definition there must be five steps in order for the scientific method to occur. The first action is observing something that piques one’s curiosity. The second action, questioning, may occur simultaneously. Something is seen, and questions come into the observers mind like “Why does that work like that?”, or “What would happen if…” The third action is called the hypothesis, which everyone remembers from grade school means, an educated guess. This can also be referred to as a prediction. Logically, the fourth step is to test this hypothesis through experimentation. Finally, an explanation is created as a result of testing the hypothesis (Pruitt, 2006).
It is important to note that the experimentation phase of the scientific method can be a very lengthy one. The results of experiments may support one’s hypothesis, but further experimentation may be needed to account for other factors or scenarios. If the experiment does not support the hypothesis, more research may be needed as to why. More experiments will follow. Experimenting can raise more questions, which may require one to start the process over from the first step again.
People use the scientific method numerous times every day, without ever thinking of it. While the phrase “scientific method” normally conjures up images of scientists, detectives and investigators may come to mind also. But even the most inactive person in the world uses this process on a daily basis. When making something to eat, we use trial and error to season our food. If we get a stain on our favorite shirt, we may use the scientific method to get that stain out.

SCIENCE MEETS REAL LIFE 3 You arrive home late at night,…...

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