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What has been taken into account when selecting the subject content and the learning outcomes?
While designing the scheme of work there were many factors taken in to account. Whilst the planning for assessment has been a central factor considerable considerations have been given to the syllabus and course outcomes, combined, these present an overview for what should be learned by the end of the course. I adopted a modular approach to the planning as this was important in processing the scheme of work and allowed for detailed planning.
I deliberated over what the student cohort may already know and understand at this level but ideally I would have the opportunity to explore this somewhat further through interview or initial assessment. This would help establish any specific learner needs and additional resources that may need to be made available to students.
I have considered the time available to conduct lessons based on the scheme of work and discovered that there are certain practicalities that need to be overcome in order to present the lesson. I have had to establish whether there is enough time to fulfil the criteria set out; whether there are enough lessons and how many hours in each lesson as well as considering holidays and key dates, such as deadlines and submission dates.
Using templates from various awarding bodies I have discovered what content is important when designing the scheme and believe the key areas for contemplation for each column are; the topic, the differentiated learning outcomes including Equality and Diversity and learning and the development of English and maths skills, the active learning activities, assessment, extended learning and resources and an additional column for any reflection or comments I feel I may need to make for evaluative and quality control purposes.
Why have you chosen particular learning activities and…...

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