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Three Scenarios

Upon graduation my long term goal is to be employed at a fortune 500 company working in the business development department. I would be responsible for making key executive decisions that would improve the overall financial condition of the company. In order to secure this type of positions I need to network with hiring companies as well as search the internet job sites such as Monster or Career Plus. I am willing to work my way up in the company to secure this type of position. This will help me get my foot in the door. Through hard work and applying myself I will be able to get promoted within the company.

Once graduation takes place I would like to start my own company. The way that I will do this is find a need that our society needs and find an existing product or service that can fill that need. If that is not available I would locate the necessary resources to create that product or service to fill that need. One possible area that I would look at would be the franchising business. I do not have a problem with competition in fact I feel that it is healthy. It helps companies stay sharp and competitive. I would develop my company to be the best product or service for the consumer. I would apply my work ethic as well as my concern for the consumer. I realize that it takes time to grow your own company, in fact I am sure that we would take at least three to five years to be in the black. Being patience and persistent will help in achieving this goal.

When I graduate I will already have a job, because of the internship that I have completed with a specific company. Then over the years I will work myself up to the to middle manager level and continue to learn how to better suit the needs of others, through the use of our company. I could see myself fifteen years after graduation with the same company and being promoted to the top…...

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