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Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best answers the question.

____ 1. At the beginning of the story, what seems to be the most important thing in Tom Benecke's life? a. | opening the window that always sticks | b. | going to the movies with his wife | c. | getting paid at the end of the week | d. | getting a promotion at work |

____ 2. Which of the following events happened first in “Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket”? a. | Tom thought about what the police would find in his pockets. | b. | Tom dropped coins from his pockets to the street below. | c. | Tom watched his wife get ready to go out alone. | d. | Tom smashed his fist through the window. |

____ 3. Which of the following events causes Tom to go out on the ledge? a. | Tom does research on store displays. | b. | Clare goes to the movies alone. | c. | Tom's paper flies out the window. | d. | Tom puts on his coat. |

____ 4. Which event in “Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket” causes Tom to panic? a. | His wife goes to the movies. | b. | He sees the street below him. | c. | He thinks about the contents of his pockets. | d. | He sees a man reading a newspaper across the street. |

____ 5. Which of the following is a moment of high suspense in the story? a. | Clare leaves. | b. | Tom looks down and panics. | c. | Tom stares through the window into his living room. | d. | Tom sees the yellow paper fly out the window a second time. |

____ 6. Why doesn't Tom simply wait for his wife to come home and help him? a. | He thinks she probably would not notice him out on the ledge. | b. | She will become very angry if she comes home and finds him on the ledge. | c. | She had left early to see the…...

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