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Sams Kids Store

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1. Executive Summary 3
2. Company Description 4 2.1. Company Overview: 4 2.2. Vision: 4 2.3. Mission: 5 2.4. Competitive Advantage 5 2.5. Challenges 5
3. Services Overview 6 3.1. Services: 6 3.2. Benefits and Features: 6
4. Marketing Plan 8 4.1. Market Analysis: 8 4.1.1. Market Description 8 4.1.2. Market Size 8 4.1.3. Market Growth: 10 4.1.4. Market Gap: 11 4.1.5. Target Market 11 4.1.6. Regulations: 12 4.1.7. Porters Five Analysis: 13 4.1.8. Competitive Analysis: 15 4.1.9. SWOT Analysis: 18 4.2. Marketing Strategy 21 4.2.1 Value Proposition 21 4.2.2 Branding 21 4.2.3 Marketing Strategies 22 4.2.4 Business Strategy 22 4.3. Marketing Mix: 22 4.3.1 Product Strategy: 22 4.3.2 Pricing Strategy: 23 4.3.3 Place Strategy 24 4.3.4 Promotion Strategy: 24 4.3.5 Marketing Strategy Summary: 28
5. Operational Plan 29 5.1. Personnel Plan 29 5.2. Organizational Hierarchy 30 5.3. Management Strength 31

List of Tables and figures Table 1: Target Market 11 Table 2: Competitive Analysis 14 Table 3: Personnel Plan 28

Figure 1: Market share of US Apparel Market 2007 9 Figure 2: Growth of Children Clothing Market in US ($ bn) 10 Figure 3: Potential Growth of US Children Clothing Market ($ bn) 10 Figure 4: Value Proposition 20 Figure 5: Organizational Hierarchy 29

1. -------------------------------------------------
Executive Summary

2. -------------------------------------------------
Company Description

2.1. Company Overview:

Sam’s kid store is being launched from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A, incorporating both the on-line and off-line sales model and has been incorporated as an LLC. The store is 5000 sq. ft with 30% of the…...

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