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Sales Plan: Phase III


November 15, 2011
Professor John Zemaitis

Sales Plan: Phase III Throughout the changing landscape of the current economy, companies are striving to increase year-on-year sales and productivity. Arizona Housing Experts is no different in this respect and needs to implement a solid 2012 sales plan to move their business from the maturity stage in the life cycle back to growth. Throughout the remainder of the paper there will be numerous points discussed in relation to the 2012 sales plan for Arizona Housing Experts. The points that will be covered and broken down include real estate opportunities with both apartment locations and residential homes to increase profitability and acquire more customers. There will need to be an actual sales process put into place by management that is identifiable and feasible for the agents to achieve using current and refined sales tactics and techniques. Lastly, marketing will need to be completely revamped. Currently there is a hit and miss marketing approach for Arizona Housing Experts and with a little market research, a complete identifiable and measureable marketing plan will be able to be put in-place while increasing productivity and profitability. However, none of the above will be possible without a plan and identified opportunities.
Plan and Opportunities Many programs are available to real estate agents as well as entire brokerages to manage and improve customer relationships and customer acquisition. The first step in improving ongoing customer relationships is to contact the customer or client regularly so they have Arizona Housing Experts on the top of their mind whenever their friends, co-workers, or acquaintances mentions needing an apartment or new place to live. Tony from Arizona Housing Experts stated that “Many of the agents send thank you letters after the…...

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