Safely Decolonizing the Mind

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Safely Decolonizing the Mind

The spread of different influences through new communication technology has caused some people to refer to our generation as generation X. A generation that grew up in the midst of a communication revolution, we must learn to accept and integrate outside influences. I believe it is easy for a person who grew up in a time very different than ours to criticize what we have become. Ngugi Wa Thiongo in Decolonizing the Mind examines the long lasting effects colonization has had on his local culture. He describes the undermining of native languages in neo-colonial states, the purpose of it, and the effect it has on a child's developing mind. His argument is clearly logical as well as valid and his points precise and sensible, but what is valid is not always true. He sometimes lacks objectivity and evidential or concrete facts; this weakens his argument making it seem like opinion not support by reality or research. By completely disregarding the importance of modern influences, as well as historical ones, on languages his solution to the problem becomes futile. It is true that preserving a language and preserving a culture are connected. Language develops with the culture; it changes to suit their experiences, habits, values, and concepts. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o in Decolonizing the Mind explains this relationship: “language as culture is the collective memory bank of a people’s experience in history.” Wa Thiong’o makes a good argument when discussing the effect of colonialism on his culture. The introduction of another more popular language signified with a powerful country and popular culture, leads to the slow vanishing of many minority languages, but it does not have to be through colonization. The Economist article, A World Empire by Other Means, discussed the spread of…...

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