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Romantic Relationship

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For a romantic relationship, there is a lot of factors that affecting it in terms of the duration, stability and relationship tightness between partners. It is considered that the personal relationship with partner is the most important element for maintaining a steady relationship among HKU SPACE students. It is listed 13 factors in the question, let the respondents to rate them for the importance in keeping the relationship with their romantic partner. Among the 50 respondents, the result between genders is similar, over fifty per cent respondents rate “Trust” as the most important element in a stable relationship . Also, “Care” is the second most rated factor responded by the students, nearly seventy per cent of female respondents rated it as 5 and 28% of them rated it as 4, not surprisingly, there’s 88% of male respondents have rated “Care” 4 or above. Likewise, “Loyalty” and “Patient” are also rated in a high mark among respondents. It is shown that most of the student believe the attitude and how partner behave is the chief component to continue the relationship.
Researcher at the University of Buffalo said that they did a study which can prove that men more self-centered comparing with women. The research which done among HKU SPACE student somehow responds to the study, 72% of male respondents rated the “Relationship with each other’s family” as 3 or below, while female respondents give it a higher rating, 60% of them rate it 4 or above. Still, this is not one of a main factor that people concern inside a relationship.
Another interesting finding in the research is “Money” and “Sex” are rather low rated by respondents, which responds that the myths of “Hong Kong girls love money” and “men thinks about sex every seven seconds” are stereotypes. The thoughts of girls generally fascinate with material life might be just a pressure that men give themselves. As in…...

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