Roles of Comparative Law to Legal Interpretation and Application

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Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application

Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application

Table of Contents I. Definition: legal interpretation and application 2 I.1 Legal Interpretation 2 I.2 Legal Application 3 II. Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application 4 II.1 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of law as the result of the harmonization and unification of law 5 II.1.1 The harmonization and unification of law 5 II.1.2 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of law as the result of the harmonization and unification of law 6 II.2 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of law as the result of the transplants of foreign law 8 II.2.1 An overview of Legal transplant 8 II.2.2 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of Law as the result of the transplants of foreign law 13 II.3 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of Legal rules which are entirely domestic and lack any direct international background or connection 15 II.3.1 Introduction 15 II.3.2 Role of Comparative Law to legal interpretation and application of Legal rules which are entirely domestic and lack any direct international background or connection 16 III. Questions 17


I. Definition: legal interpretation and application
I.1 Legal Interpretation According to Black’s Law Dictionary, INTERPRETATION can be understood as the art or process of discovering and expounding the intended signification of the language used in a statute, will, contract, or any other written document, that is, the meaning which the author designed it to convey to the others.
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