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Primary 6 - Robbery

Three days before my twelfth birthday my parents brought me to the bank to start my first bank account. After taking our queue number we sat down and waited.
Suddenly, three men wearing black masks dashed into the bank, waving long knives and shouted, "Do not move!"
Two of the masked men went round and took all our hand phones. The other masked man went to threaten the bank's security officer. He showed the officer a picture of his daughter and said, "If you want to see your daughter again, disable the security system and give me your gun!”
We were stuck with no way to seek help. However, the masked men did not notice I had a hand phone hidden inside my jeans pocket! When the masked men were not looking, I dialled 999 and whispered, "Help! We are being robbed…”
Before I could finish, one of the masked men turned around and saw me. He ran towards me waving his knife ready to cut off my hand. Things happened so fast, I heard a slashing sound and blood splashed on my face. I looked and saw my hand was still alright but my father was not. He had jumped in front to protect me.
"Urgh..." My father groaned in pain and I saw he had a big wound on his chest.
"Daddy, are you ok?" I sobbed.
My father looked at me and with a fading voice said, "Chris, I am sorry I was always busy working and had no time for you. How I wish I had done things differently."
"Daddy, hang in there please!" I begged, hugging him tightly.
The police and ambulance arrived shortly later, but it was too late, my father was already dead.
It was the most miserable day of my life, I managed to help save everyone, but my father died to save me.
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