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In our homework assignment this week we were given scenarios based on different situations in a town called Rhymesville. In the following paragraphs I will describe the issues regarding each promise and the reasons why. In the agreement with Contrary Mary and No Hill Too High LLC the price of $10 per pail was agreed upon two months prior to the price increase. Since the agreement between Mary and No Hill Too High LLC stated they would sell Mary a pail of water for $10 each in which she agreed to buy when her garden needed it makes this offer valid due to past consideration. The issue between Mary and the garden center is that Mary bought the magic beans under the assumption they were magical beans. At the time she purchased these it could have been a mistake of fact on the owner’s end, however since the story states he “abruptly” closed shop and took off in the middle of night this would now show he knowingly knew these were not magical beans. The contract is void in this case due to fraud and active concealment. The issue that arises with the agreement between the King and Dr. Seuss is the lack of acceptance. The situation shows that the King went and spoke to Dr. Seuss about putting Humpty Dumpty together again and that Dr. Seuss agreed to it, but it does not show that the King accepted Dr. Seuss’ counteroffer of being paid $1,000 for his services. Therefore this agreement is lacking proof of acceptance to be valid. In regards to The Shoe daycare center the agreement between the Old Woman and her son, Fred, would become voidable after her legal guardian is appointed due to issues with genuine assent and her relationship with her son. There is also an issue with physical duress as the Old Woman is worried her son will leave town if she did not agree to allowing him control over her finances at the daycare center. The issue between Mr. Sprat and Tom the…...

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