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Organizations such as BHP would operate a number of different performance appraisal methods. In order to ensure the success of the method implemented certain processes need to be in place.

Outline the processes and documentation an organisation such as BHP would need to have in place to successfully implement performance management
* Firstly, BHP would need to assess whether all positions within their organisation are documented and available in current and accurate position descriptions.
* Investigate whether managers have provided all BHP staff with performance indicators to be used in the current appraisal period, ensuring they are consistent with each staff members key role requirements, as outlined in each position description.
* Assess BHP’s performance management policy and procedures to determine whether performance appraisal meetings are being held at a frequency in-line with BHP’S policy requirements (i.e at least once a year). BHP can also use the policy to check whether all performance documentation has been completed , recorded and signed off by both manager and employee.
* Investigate whether all BHP staff are subjected to appropriate organisational policy and procedures for rewarding good performance as well as addressing underperformance.
* Assess how disagreements about performance apprasials outcomes are managed, investigating whether BHP has a clear and consistent policy and procedure for the dispute settlement process. Also, whether the issue can be resolved quickly and appropriately, offering advice and support in cases of dissention about performance appraisal outcomes.

BHP Billiton’s mandatory Health, Safety, Environment and
Community (HSEC) performance requirements are prescribed
In our Group Level Documents (GLDs) and the process of implementing the GLDs across the Group continues. All our businesses are committed to this…...

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