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Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research
Crystal McCallum
HCS 465
February 27, 2012
Ann Impens

Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research The United States adolescent childbirth percentage remains the top of any industrialized nation. Even though on a national scale the percentage is improving, the issue remains complicated and major. Approximately four in 10 adolescent females turn out to be expecting at least once before they turn the age of 20. Eight in 10 of this childbirth is unplanned and 79 % are single youths. Teen pregnancy can be definite as the rate of adolescent that are expecting among teenage females who (Silverman, 2004) haven’t reach the growth period of 20. With the assortment of figures on the above discussion matter of intent will both consist of qualitative and quantitative figures gathering, the figure and the existence of young girls childbearing is quantitative, the nature of province is advancing or emerging is qualitative with the approaches with gathering this information resolve a consists of an arrangement of patients that is sorted by age, selection and also facts attain within the clinics with the knowledge helps assist with the selection for figures. Research activatities will first consist of information assortment which can help in finding of the figures; the figures should be acquired within the clinics mainly from labor and deliver floors, with the numbers from the parents who are under age can be attained. When the files are composed it will attain samples with the facts and this primarily measures will be gathering statics within two groups which will single out the age differences and consequently attain the group that has the ages under 20 years to acquire the adolescent parents. The survey has to be prepared in such a way that it won’t commit an offense to the person taking the survey.…...

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