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Kitchen Management
Project Report

Project Team Members
Dannica Xara Agbayani
Nadine See Diet
Ronald Guadalquiver
Patricia Lamerez
Vanessa Anne Nabong

Project Submitted To
Chef Cheong Yan See

Enderun Colleges Inc.
1100 Campus Avenue, Mckinley Hill Taguig city, Philippines
July 31, 2015

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar




Restaurant Concept



Food Menu



Organizational Chart



Front of the house


Back of the house


Work Shifts



Restaurant Layout



Restaurant Equipment





Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Restaurant Concept
Our Restaurant serves Modern Contemporary Japanese cuisine with 200 square meters space and a high rental. It has 80 seats which can accommodate 160 guests per day. We are a Fine dining restaurant that specialize in Sake drinks (sake pairing).
Tsunami sake Bar’s target market are Businessmen, Yuppies, Class A and B. Our operating hours are from 11:00am to 2:00pm for lunch, then for dinner, it will start at
6:00pm to 10:00pm. Our Late night menu starts at 10:00pm and it will end at 2:00am. A different menu will be provided for the Late night hours. We will be closed on Mondays.

We have three Menus which consist of the A La Carte Menu, Tasting Menu, and Late night Menu.

Ala Carte menus is composed of 4 courses such as Cold Appetizer, Hot Appetizer, Mains and Desserts. The Cold Appetizer was named after 3 elements: Water, Earth, and Fire.
Each element is inspired by the how the ingredients were prepared. While, Hot
Appetizers were inspired by the terrains: Air, Land, and Sea. Mains were influenced by the 4 regions of Japan: Kanto, Kansai, Tohoku, and Kyushu. For Desserts, it was motivated by the different seasons in Japan: spring, summer, and winter.

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Tasting Menu is a Degustation menu that show case ingredients from japan which is specially prepared by the Executive chef. It is only available for dinner. Which will only be served in our private rooms, Tatamis, for guest who wants to enjoy some privacy.

Lastly, We also offer a Late Night menu. Our Late Night menu offers a wide selection of
Yakitori ranging from vegetables to meat. The main kitchen will start closing at this hour but we will still continue serving Sushi and Sashimi.

After Dinner service, We plan to convert the Restaurant to a Lounge Bar to accommodate after hours guests. Lights will be dimmed and a mix of Jazz, and Blues with a Modern
Twist music will be played all through out the Late night service that will give the guest relaxing vibe. A place to stay, chat up with friends and eat good food.

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Food Menu
▪ Tasting Menu (Appetizers) o Kingfish Sashimi (Sushi and Sashimi)
▪ Shiro Ponzu, Black Sesame House made Yuzu-kosho
• Gardemanger: Prep table with chiller
• Junmai Nihon Sakari Milled 35%, SMV +5.0 o Seared Hokkaido Scallop Koikuchi Shoyu, Kombu Brown Butter, Finger
• Entremetier: Gas Range
• Ginjo 2007 Morinokura "Komagura" Milled 45%, SMV
o Shiki no Salad
• Roast Heirloom Carrtos, Fried Brussel Sprouts
• Buckwheat, Black Vinegar, Tamari Custard
• Gardemanger: Prep Table
• Ginjo Masumi Karakuchi Kiippon Milled 45%, SMV +5.0
▪ Tasting Menu (Mains) o Charcoal finished Cambridge Duck leg confit
▪ ‘Yakitori’ brochette of duck heart, Wok Asian vegetables, wasabi flavored Choy Sam Manuka honey & ‘Kurozu’ vinaigrette infused teriyaki sauce (Gardemanger)
▪ Saucier: Combi Oven and Gas Range

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Daiginjo Ginrei Gassan Milled 60%, SMV +3.0 o 9+ Wagyu Sukiyaki
▪ David Blackmore 9+ Wagyu, Local Asparagus Onsen Tamago, Soy
& Mirin Reduction
▪ Saucier: Combi Oven and Gas Range
▪ Daiginjo Dassai 50 Milled 50%, SMV +3.0
▪ Tasting Menu (Desserts) o Yuzu & Miso infused rare cheese cake Fresh fig, salty Yuzu tuile,
‘Amigasa Yuzu’ puree, caramel
▪ Patisserie: Induction, Oven, Prep table
▪ Nigori Daishichi “Yukishibori” o Sake ‘NABESHIMA’ Ganache Marlborough flaky salt
▪ Patisserie: Induction, Oven, Prep table
▪ Murai family Nigori Genshu
Ala Carte Menu:
▪ Cold Appetizers o Water
▪ Toro Sashimi (Sushi and Sashimi)/ truffle sea salt
• Gardemanger: prep table o Earth
▪ Mixed vegetable Salad/ cold tofu/ Chicken Karaage (Entremetier)/ sesame dressing
• Gardemanger: prep table o Fire
▪ Spicy Beef Tarte/ caviar/ yuzu dressing

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


• Gardemanger: prep table
▪ Hot Appetizer o Air
▪ Foie gras chawanmushi
• Entremetier: combi oven o Land
▪ Pickled wagyu tongue/ mushrooms a la grecque/ shaved black truffle • Entremetier: gas range

▪ Mains o Kanto
▪ Hojicha smocked duck breast/ bonito flakes/ soy ponzu sauce
• Sucier; smoker, gas range o Kansai
▪ Kobe wagyu steak/ sweet potato puree/ wasbi tosa joyu dipping sauce • Saucier: teppan grill, gas range o Tohoku
▪ Slow cooked kurobuta belly/ nashi pear salad (Gardemanger)/ apple cider dressing
• Saucier: combi oven, gas range o Kyushu
▪ Miso salmon/ ginger wild rice/ cucumber daikon relish(Gardemanger) • Teppan grill, gas range

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Desserts: o Spring
▪ Cherry blossom cake/ black sesame ice cream/ pickled cherry blos soms • Patisserie: oven, ice cream maker o Summer
▪ Rose flavored shaved ice/ lychee jelly/ champagne syrup
• Patisserie: ice shaver, induction o Winter
▪ Matcha adzuki bean soup/ mocha balls
• Patisserie: induction

▪ Display Case Selections o Signature Cherry Blossom Gateau granished with pickled
Cherry blossoms o Japanese Style Cheesecake o White Chocolate Wasabi Gateau o Japanese style Strawberry Shortcake o Green Tea Opera Cake
▪ Sashimi o Maguro ( Tuna ) o Sake ( Salmon ) o Tai ( Sea Bream ) o Saba ( Mackerel ) o Katsuo ( Bonito or Skipjack Tuna )

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


o Kanpachi (Greater Yellowtail/Amberjack) o Buri/Hamachi (Yellowtail or Amberjack) o Ika (Squid) o Tako (Octopus) o Amaebi (Shrimp)
▪ Sushi o Sake Nigiri ( Salmon ) o Ikura Gukan ( Salmon Roe ) o Maguro Nigiri ( Tuna ) o Toro ( Fatty Tuna Belly ) o Uni ( Sea Urchin ) o Ebi Nigiri ( Shrimp ) o Unagi ( Eel )
▪ Maki o California Roll o Dragon Roll o Futo Maki o Spicy Tuna
▪ Late Night Menu o Yakitori
▪ Toriniku ( All White Chicken Meat )
▪ Gyutan ( Beef Tongue )

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Piman ( Green pepper filled with cheese,meat and other ingr. )
▪ Enoki Maki ( Enoki Mushrooms wrapped in thinly sliced pork )
▪ Asuparabekon ( Asparagus wrapped in bacon )
▪ Butabara ( Pork Belly )
▪ Negima ( Chicken with Negi ( Leek ) )
▪ Tofu ( Deep Fried Tofu )

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Organizational Chart

Front of the House:

! o Description of Duties
▪ Floor Manager - in charge of overall front of the house
▪ Host - in charge of reception area, reservations, and greeting guests
▪ Waiter - order taking, food delivery, and buss out
▪ Bartender (outsource) - in charge of beverage mixing
▪ Barbacks (outsource) - assists the bartender

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


• Back of the House o Branches

Gardemanger - cold appetizers

Patissiere - dessert

Sushi and Sashimi - in charge of sushi and sashimi bar


Saucier/Poissonier - mains

Yakitori- grills, yakitori, deep fried (late night menu)

Entremetier - hot appetizers , soups, and vegetables


Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


o Description of Duties:
▪ Executive chef - in charge of overall back of the house service during the dinner shift
▪ Sous chef - in charge of the overall back of the house service during the lunch shift
▪ Chef De Partie - in charge of their assigned branches
▪ Commis / Line Cooks - Assists the Chef de Partie in their assigned branches ▪ Sushi Chef and Yakitori Chef - in charge of their respective bar areas ▪ Stewards (outsource) - in charge of the cleaning and proper storage and organization of kitchen ware and dining ware

Work Shifting
27 Cooks
16 Waiters
2 Shifts:
1)Lunch Shift 9:00 am - 3 pm / 5pm - 7pm (broken shift)
2)Dinner Shift 6:00 pm - 2:00 am

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Back of the House


Executive Chef



Sous Chef



Chef de Partie



Chef de Partie



Chef de Partie



Chef de Partie



Line Cook



Line Cook



Line Cook



Line Cook









Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Front of the House


Floor Manager





(2 degustation, 6 for main)







Bar back






Staff come in to prep for
9 am – 11 am
Lunch Service
11 am – 2 pm

Lunch Service

2 pm – 3 pm


3 pm – 5 pm

Time out
Time in Lunch Staff

5 pm – 6 pm
Prep for Dinner
6 pm – 7 pm
7 pm – 10 pm

Dinner Service

Break for Dinner Staff
Dinner Service
Finishing orders for Ala

10 pm – 11 pm carte and Tasting Menu
11 pm – 2 am

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar

Late Night Service


Restaurant Layout (Morning)

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Restaurant Layout (Late night)

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Restaurant Equipment

Kitchen Equipment (Prep Areas) o Walk in Freezer
▪ Model#: 185-051
▪ Weight: 1857 lbs.
▪ Width: 8’
▪ Depth: 10’
▪ Height: 7’7”
▪ Cu. Ft.: 463
▪ Door size: 26”Wx78”H
▪ Floor: with door
▪ HP: 1
▪ Size: 8’ W
▪ Style: Remote Refrigeration
▪ Temp Range: -10F
▪ Type: indoor
▪ Voltage: 208/230V o Reach In Refrigerator
▪ Model#: 675-003
▪ Weight: 615 lbs.
▪ Width: 781⁄8"
▪ Depth: 291⁄2"
▪ Height: 841⁄8"
▪ Cu. Ft.: 72.0
▪ Door Type: Full
▪ Doors: 3
▪ Exterior: Stainless door and front with aluminum sides and back
▪ HP: 1⁄2

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Interior: White aluminum with stainless steel floor
▪ Size: 781⁄8"W
▪ Temp Range: +33°F to +38°F
▪ Type: Reach-In
▪ Voltage: 120V Food Holder
▪ Spec-Line Heated Cabinet
▪ three-section
▪ Stainless steel exterior and interior,
▪ Standard depth cabinet, half-height
▪ Glass door or doors with Santoprene
▪ EZ-Clean Gaskets,
▪ (3) Chrome plated adjustable
▪ Shelves per section,
▪ 6" adjustable stainless steel legs o Fish Sink Under Refrigerator
▪ Easier operation to deal with the food waste.
▪ Integrated together with fish sink and undercounter cold base.
▪ Preparing food with sink and store them under the sink.
▪ Under counter refrigerator can be either door or drawer typed.
▪ Electric voltage: 1P 100V ※Adjustable temperature: From -3 to +
▪ Accessory: Equivalent number of GN pans for drawer type
▪ Drain connection: Sink = 50A / Refrigerator = 40A

Kitchen Equipment (Hot Kitchen) o Gas Range
▪ 68' Heavy-Duty,

Gas, Fry Top w/thermostats

▪ (2) Standard ovens w/Piezo ignition
▪ 1-1/4' front manifold,
Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Stainless steel front, black sides,
▪ (Stainless steel exposed sides on batteries),
▪ 6' legs, 278,000 BTU o Combi Oven FSCCWE Series
▪ Does not matter the size, load and kind of food. It always cooks without unevenness. Power, time, temperature and humidity are perfectly controlled with the most ideal result even when full load.
▪ Cooking process is all monitored by the unit. Choosing the category out of Poultry, meat, fish, vegetable, egg/ dessert, bake, finishing and selecting the result you want, that is all.
▪ Different food items can be cooked in the same cabinet at the same time. Each shelf is monitored by the unit, so it always cooks at the best quality without transferring smell or taste to the other food.
▪ Detecting the state inside of cabinet, it will automatically tell you the best time for washing. It is fully automatic washing system.

Electric, Gas(G models) are available.

o Deep Fat Fryer
▪ Width 21 Inches

Depth 34 1/4 Inches

Height 47 1/8 Inches

▪ Fry Pot Width 18 Inches
▪ Fry Pot Depth 18 Inches
▪ Burner Style Tube
▪ Cabinet Stainless Steel
▪ Capacity 70 - 100 Pounds
▪ Number of Fry Baskets 2
▪ Number of Fry Pots 1
▪ Temperature Range 200 - 400 Degrees F
▪ Total BTU 150000

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


o Under Counter Refrigerator and Freezer

Both freezer and refrigerator are available in a single appliance.

Electric voltage: 1P100V Adjustable temperature: Freezer -25 ~
15℃ Refrigerator -7~+15℃

Also I can be selected with back Plate in options.

o Kosei Charcoal Griller
▪ KY-KL(smokeless)modelFor foods on skewer
▪ Available for any size of skewer.
▪ No need to be bothered about SMOKE or
SOOT any more!!
▪ Smoke-free! But yummy flavor of CharcoalGrill is not lost!
▪ Melt away excessive fat! Enjoy juicy taste!
▪ Why it is almost smokeless?

The unique structure of the griller is the point.

Normally juice/fat from the foods being baked

directly touch fire & smoke come out.

However, we set the heat exchanging part on the sides.

That means juice/fat fallen from foods do not touch fire. On the other hand,

slight smoke gives smoky flavor to the foods, complements the original taste of the foods

o Hot/Cold Cart
▪ Moderate temperature for keeping taste.
▪ Hot and cold cart can store and transport the meals as they are ready to be served on trays. Preventing dryness of food, rapidly heating up, and evenly distributed temperature keeps the quality of food as good as it is freshly cooked.

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


▪ Flat and unexaggerated structure. With white as the base color, design is simple. 9 colors of panel are available.
▪ Adjustable temperature: hot area +60 +80℃/cold area +3 +15℃
▪ Self-propelled type… self drive with the power of integrated motor. ▪ Reversible type… Hot and Cold areas are the same size to turn the trays. •

Kitchen Equipment (Cold Kitchen) o Under Counter Refrigerator and Freezer
▪ Both freezer and refrigerator are available in a single appliance
▪ Electric voltage: 1P100V Adjustable temperature: Freezer -25 ~
15℃ Refrigerator -7~+15℃
▪ Also I can be selected with back Plate in options. o Reach in Refrigerator and Freezer
▪ Ideal cooling equipment for holding the freshness.
▪ Adjustable temperature: Freezer From -25 to -15℃, Refrigerator
From -7 to +15℃
▪ equipped with inverter. Some models can be converted to watercooling compressor. Please ask for more information o Convection Oven with Blast Chiller - air-o-system is the most innovatiove Cook&Chill solution available on the market. Combining
Electrolux Professional’s combination ovens and blast chillers, the system optimises workflow in the kitchen, increases shelf life and reduces waste. o Ice Shaver
▪ The SI-100E is the most popular ice shaver we sell! Some of the outstanding features are:

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Produces fine flakes of snow that absorb the flavor to make a real shave ice.

The texture of the ice is easily adjusted with a single knob.

Ideal for high volume locations.

Includes internal air foot control.

Approved by the National Sanitation

Easy to operate and maintain.

Foundation (NSF).

Bar Equipment: o 69 1/8” Wide Glass Door Back Bar Cooler
▪ Oversized, environmentally friendly (134A) forced-air refrigeration system.
▪ Quick pull down of hot 90°F products to cold 33° to 38°F temperatures. ▪ Air vents on side to maximize air flow through condenser.
▪ Self-contained system - simple plug-in installation.
▪ Black PVC Coated wire shelving - two per door.
▪ Recessed handles and door lock on solid door models.
▪ Glass door models have energy efficient, "Low-E", thermal glass doors with aluminum door frames.
▪ Bright fluorescent interior lighting for excellent visibility.
▪ Accommodates all types of beer kegs.
▪ Optional wine and beer organizers available. o F-1001MAJ-C, Ica Maker, Air-Cooled, Slim Line Modular
▪ Dimensions: 22″ W x 27- 3/8 ” D x 25-15/16″ H
▪ Up to 910 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours
▪ Mount 2 units side-by-side for 2x the ice production
▪ Slim, 22 ″W wide profile
▪ Air-cooled, Slim Line Modular
▪ Produces cube let ice o Hamilton Beach® Eclipse™ High-Performance Quiet Blender

Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Advanced Quiet Shield™ enclosure amazingly reduces noise to conversation level

Quiet but still powerful commercial blender

Over 100 one touch pre-programmed cycles or custom programs also available

Memory card slot for custom programming

Converts for in-counter use

Compact size - Quiet Shield™ opens to a maximum height of 22 inches/56 cm

Wave~Action® system continually forces mixture down into the blades for smooth results

Easy-to-remove Quiet Shield™ built-in clips allow for quick removal of shield for faster cleanup

o Advance Tabco AMS-%b Ambassador Portable Bar
▪ Width (in) 66.00
▪ Brand Advance Tabco
▪ Weight 315
▪ Made in USA
▪ Casters Yes
▪ Color Silver
▪ Material Stainless Steel o Advance Tabco D-24-SIBL Ice & Hand Sink Unit
▪ Gauge 20 Gauge
▪ Brand Advance Tabco
▪ Faucet Included Yes
▪ Depth (in) 20.00
▪ Number of Compartments 1
▪ Weight 30
▪ Stainless Steel Type Type 300

Made in USA

▪ Material Stainless Steel
Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar


Sources ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B00ARETWDK&linkCode=as2
&tag=telegraphcouk-21 Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar



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...RESTAURANT PRACTICUM REPORT On THE MAX’S RESTAURANT Robinson Place Imus Cavite TRAINING PERIOD: November 11, 2014 to February 6, 2015 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Restaurant Practicum For a Degree in Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management College of International Hospitality Management University of Perpetual Help System - DALTA Alabang – Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Wendell B. Aguirre Professor SUBMITTED BY : Mr. Ralf Laurence R. Osis #10 Mambog 1, Bacoor Cavite (046) 418-0539 SUBMITTED ON: February, 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page ……………………………………………………………… i Table of Contents ……………………………………………………………… ii Acknowledgment ……………………………………………………………… iii List of Tables ……………………………………………………………… iv List of Figures ……………………………………………………………… v List of Exhibits ……………………………………………………………… vi Page CHAPTER I: Introduction Institutional Background 5-6 General Location 7 Vision, Mission and Goals 8 Institutional Philosophy 8 Organizational Chart 9 Facilities and Layout 10 Outstanding Characteristics 10 CHAPTER II: Discussion of Findings, Analysis and Recommendation A. Dining Area Organizational Chart 12 Job Description 13 Job Specification 14-15 Facilities, Layout, Design and......

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Restaurant Industry restaurant industry Name robin kiley 1. Price-to-book multiples are a function of future abnormal ROEs, book value growth and the organisation’s cost of equity Future abnormal ROE: ROE less the cost of equity capital (ROE – re). Organisations with positive abnormal ROE are able to invest their net assets to create value for shareholders and have price-to-book ratios greater than one. Organisations’ long-term ROEs are affected by such factors as barriers to entry in their industries, change in production or delivery technologies, and quality of management. These factors tend to force abnormal ROEs to decay over time. Beginning book value growth: the magnitude of an organisation’s price-to-book multiple also depends on the amount of growth in book value. Organisations can grow their equity base by issuing new equity or by reinvesting profits. If this new equity is invested in positive value projects for shareholders – that is, projects with ROEs that exceed the cost of capital – the organisation will boost its price-to-book multiple. Of course, for organisations with ROEs that are less than the cost of capital, equity growth further lowers the multiple. Price-to-earnings multiples The driver of both current and future P/E ratios is the sum of the change in abnormal earnings, scaled by the current period’s net income. As change can be positive or negative, only the direction and magnitude of the expected change matters. Change in abnormal earnings ∆RE2 = E2 –...

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Proposal for Qingyuan Fast Food Restaurant Opening Project

...Fast Food Restaurant Opening Project Prepared Expressly for Mr. Jason Lee ( Qishuan Li) Director Xiang Zhou Branch Office China Construction Bank Prepared by: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Date: Table of contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Proposal 3 Findings 3 Strength 4 Opportunities 4 New Premises 4 Services 5 Facilities 5 Cost Breakdown 5 Benefits 6 Schedule 8 Risks and Management Plans 8 Conclusion 10 Appendixes 10 The analysis of the business 10 Customer Profiles 11 Focus Groups 11 SWOT Analysis 12 Strengths 12 Weaknesses 12 Opportunities 13 Threats 13 SMART Analysis 13 Action Plan 14 Activity Flow Chart 16 Project Costs 16 Stakeholder Analysis 17 Risk Analysis and Management Plan 18 The Project Framework 19 Executive Summary Chinese people attach great importance to “eating”. We can know it by the saying “Bread is the staff of life”. China's dishes highly stress on its color, aroma, taste, shape and meaning. As a result, many Chinese come to overseas and make their living by opening restaurants, which has become the fundamental settlement in the world. Similarly, opening various styles of restaurants in the domestic cities of the appropriate location is a great business opportunity. Based on this, a great business opportunity is to open a fast-food restaurant, named Qingyuan Fast Food Restaurant,......

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Horror Restaurant

...INTRODUCTION Name Of The Service: Bones n Brains --- A Horror Restaurant Service Is: The motto is "FUN FOR THE YOUNG DEVILS”. The horrifying environment. Dracula, Vampires, and others at your service. Foods with a new touch and names. Amazing way of serving food. Offering a unique and affordable way of celebrating special occasions. Objective Of The Project (Mission): A new, impressive way of capturing the target market with the help of perfect marketing mix. Finding and defining external entities, target market and marketing strategies which could help this new service in increasing its market share. Infrastructure: A three floor building , located at Zamzama boulevard and a board stating Bones n Brains with nothing special but the thing that makes it different from other food outlets in Karachi is the link it provides a dead world with alive along with its unique environment and the way meal is served. The hotel is comprised of two floors with basement. Kitchen, reception and store room are on the ground floor. There is a seating arrangement of 200 people on each floor. Additional Features: A late night horror movie show on every Saturday and exciting games like who can dig the grave fastest, counting the bats , stabbing till death etc. besides this our staff members including the waiters will look more like roaming vampires , draculas , monsters in full horrific environment. The......

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4p's in a Restaurant

...responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable; and helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health.” B. The View Restaurant at Indian Kettles ( “Our mission is to provide only the freshest and finest foods possible at a reasonable price to our guests. In addition, we will provide the highest degree of service possible. We will treat each and every one of our guests like family visiting our home for a festive occasion. We will strive to keep all areas of our Lake George restaurant spotless. We will protect Lake George and our environment regardless of cost to ourselves. We realize that without our customers, our business would not exist and we welcome the opportunity to serve them.” B. Beaver Lake Cottage ( “Our goal is to provide the ambiance and amenities for our guests to Relax, Reflect and Renew.” 1 “Our primary measure of achievement shall be our Repeat and Referral business.” “We shall provide a work environment that will encourage......

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...industry and 10 times the Hotel industry. According to a report by Technopak Analysis, the market size of the food service sector is estimated to be $8.1 billion by 2013 and $9.6 billion by 2018. It is growing @ 5-6% per annum.  6.8 5.8   6 4 The importance of food service industry stems from The organized segment of the restaurant industry, at 16-20% of the total industry is more than the organized segment of the retail industry, which currently stands at 8%, and is growing faster than the overall restaurant industry, at 20-25% per annum. 2 0 2008 2009 Organized 2013 2018 Unorganized Segments of the Food Services Sector 20% 80% Organized Unorganized Segments of the Organized Food Services Sector This segment is dominated by restaurants which constitute 40% of the market. Cafes, pubs, clubs and bars together constitute 32% of the organized food service industry. 40% 15%   India is beginning to show up on the radar of the top food service chains and is likely to account for 10% of new unit growth in the next four to five years. Restaurants Takeaways Pubs. Cluns & Bars  100% FDI is permissible in the sector under the automatic route. 9% 3% 16% 17% Hotels & Lodgings Others Cafes Source: NRAI, Datamonitor, Franchise India, Technopak Analysis 3 What Drives the Growth of the Industry? Demand Side Drivers – The Demographic Profile of the Indian......

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Restaurant Development

...Restaurant Development Group’s Winston-Salem Project Paul E. Juras The Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy Wake Forest University P.O. Box 7285 Reynolda Station Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7285 E-Mail: JURAS@WFU.EDU James F. Cotter The Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy Wake Forest University P.O. Box 7285 Reynolda Station Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7285 Restaurant Development Group Memo To: Date: Re: Registered Students March 1st 2006 Restaurant Development Group’s Winston-Salem Project From: Mr. Bobbie Filet Introduction Restaurant Development Group (RDG) is considering opening a new restaurant in conjunction with the “Winston-Salem Partnership” group that is attempting develop a center of entertainment in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. As part of the project, the company plans to renovate an existing restaurant space in the downtown area and begin operations in six months. RDG has decided to hire several teams of professionals to handle various facets of the project. One team will work closely with city and county government officials to insure the project has strong support from all relevant government agencies. Another team will be responsible for developing the marketing plan and handling media and public relations to insure the project has a positive reception within the media. Finally, the finance and accounting team has responsibility for examining the financial viability of renovating the restaurant and developing a cash flow budget......

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