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How could a follower distinguish between authentic leader behaviour and pseudo leader behaviour?
Authentic leadership is a “process that draws from both positive psychological capacities and a highly developed organizational context, which results in both greater self-awareness and self-regulated positive behaviors on the part of leaders and associates, fostering positive self-development”. (Luthans and Avolio, 2003). Authentic leader behaviours comprised of 4 elements of which is idealized influence. These transformational leaders become role models for followers who admire, trust and respect them. These leaders will put the followers’ needs above them and their behaviour is true with the values and principles of the group.
Authentic leader also displays inspirational motivation where they provide meaning and challenge to the tasks of the followers. They inflame team spirit, optimistic and enthusiastic and help followers develop desirable visions for the future. In intellectual stimulation, they stimulate innovation and creativity by encouraging followers to query assumptions, reframe situations and approach old problems from new perspectives. Authentic leaders don’t criticize mistakes but the solicit solutions from followers. They also portray individualized consideration. They act as mentors who foster personal development as they provide learning opportunities and a supportive climate for growth. It is tailored to the individual needs and desires of each follower.
Pseudo leaders are those who focused mainly on their own interests and aims rather than of the whole group. (Jung, D. I., & Avolio, B. J. 1999). Managers often play the role of pseudo-transformational leaders, exploiting lower level staff by giving importance to their own interests while neglecting the well-being of their subordinates. Their ethical standards are compromised. It may be apparent and…...

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